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New Dawn 127 (July-August 2011)

Understanding the Ruling Elite Andy Thomas analyses the psychological motivation and thought processes of the proponents of a ‘One World Government’. Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy divulge compelling new information the ‘Star People’ of black Africa were the true founders of ancient Egyptian civilisation. Cosmic Connections: The Key to Your Destiny? Do the movements of the planets cause events on earth, shape your personality, and … [Read more...]

The Secret of the Moon & the Nature of War

By ROBERT BLACK— What is war? It is the result of planetary influence. Somewhere up there two or three planets have approached too near each other: tension results... here, on the Earth, people begin to slaughter one another... They fail to realise to what extent they are pawns in the game... it must be understood that neither... generals, nor ministers, nor parliaments, signify anything or can do anything. – G. I. Gurdjieff War may be understood in many ways. Materialists see it simply as … [Read more...]

The Elite, the ‘Great Game’, & World War III

By Prof. Dr. MUJAHID KAMRAN — The control of the US, and of global politics, by the wealthiest families of the planet is exercised in a powerful, profound and clandestine manner. This control began in Europe and has a continuity that can be traced back to the time when the bankers discovered it was more profitable to give loans to governments than to needy individuals. These banking families and their subservient beneficiaries have come to own most major businesses over the two centuries … [Read more...]

New Dawn Special Issue 16

W h o ' s   P l o t t i n g W o r l d   G o v e r n m e n t ? . INSIDE: The Elite, the ‘Great Game’, & World War III By Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran Twelve Triggers Driving Mankind Towards World Government By Adrian Salbuchi The Globalist Web of Subversion: Plutocrats Plot Revolution By Dr. K.R. Bolton . World Government & The New World Order By Michael Howard Naming Names: Your Real Government By Tony Cartalucci Bretton Woods 2.0: Soros’ New World Order Conference By … [Read more...]