The Lord of the World: What’s Really Behind the Legend of the Mysterious Kingdom of Agarttha?

By RICHARD SMOLEY A current theory holds that the secret rulers of humanity are an alien, reptilian race. The best-known version of this view comes from British author David Icke. (See Donald Tyson’s “Reptilians ’R Us” in New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 9 No. 2). It is all too easy to believe that the current leaders of humanity are operating from the reptilian part of the brain, which is devoid of any capacity for love, compassion, or justice. But an alien race? What makes reptiles aliens? They … [Read more...]

The Black Arts after Fifty Years

By MITCH HOROWITZ This year marks the 50th anniversary of Richard Cavendish’s classic study of the occult, The Black Arts. The year of Cavendish’s book – 1967 – could be seen as a banner moment for the rebirth of occult and esoteric spirituality in the modern West. In 1967, the toy giant Parker Brothers relaunched the Ouija Board, having bought rights the prior year from descendants of manufacturer William Fuld, and sold a record two million talking boards, surpassing sales of its leading … [Read more...]

Witchcraft Before Wicca: The Cunning Men and Wise-Women of Old

By MICHAEL HOWARD (1948–2015) Today the popular image of witchcraft in the mass media and in books and magazines is largely defined by ‘Wicca’, a form of neo-pagan witchcraft created by a retired English civil servant called Gerald Brosseau Gardner (1884–1964) in the 1940s. It is now established worldwide as a post-modern, ‘nature religion’ with a spiritual emphasis on Goddess worship. Modern witchcraft, however, did not begin with Gardner and it has a hidden history before Wicca. This history … [Read more...]

Marijuana Reconsidered: An Interview with Dr. Lester Grinspoon

By PATRICK DEWALS Dr Lester Grinspoon is associate professor emeritus of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. He researched the medicinal legitimacy of marijuana prohibition 45 years ago and discovered that an immense chain of lies served as a base for sending millions of people to jail. Since then he’s became an advocate for telling the truth about marijuana. PATRICK DEWALS (PD): Can you tell me how you became interested in marijuana? LESTER GRINSPOON (LG): Well it began in 1966. … [Read more...]

Unity: The Remarkable Story of Charles & Myrtle Fillmore

By WALTER MASON Myrtle Fillmore was in desperate straits in 1886. Sick from tuberculosis and malaria, her much-younger husband had managed to bankrupt himself in both the mining and real-estate industries. She was so weak that she was incapable of caring for her children, and her aged mother-in-law was added to an already impoverished household as cheap live-in care. One evening she went along to see a visiting faith healer, something she always did in the vain hope there might be some way … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Sealing Of The Five Senses

Sealing Of The Five Senses: Advanced Practices For Becoming A Taoist Immortal By Mantak Chia & William U. Wei 176 pages, paperback Published by Destiny Books For those new to Mantak Chia’s work, his Universal Healing Tao system is founded on meditation techniques and breathing exercises. Diet, sleep patterns and general lifestyle choices are also addressed for the betterment of health. As the subtitle suggests, the system includes exercises passed down by Taoist practitioners through … [Read more...]

REVIEW: The Secret Teachings Of The Tao Te Ching

The Secret Teachings Of The Tao Te Ching By Mantak Chia & Tao Huang 256 pages, paperback Published by Inner Traditions  The Tao Te Ching is arguably the world’s most profound and empowering spiritual classic. It has played a critical role in defining the unique character of East Asian spirituality. It has also contributed to an ethos that has seen authorities in China protect their spiritual traditions from the institutional interests that have advanced political interests by … [Read more...]

Medieval Magic & Pharmacy: Not Just “Flying Ointments”

By THOMAS HATSIS When I first started my investigation into the so-called “witches’ ointment” of the early modern period I was looking for a specific kind of ointment that caused a specific kind of experience – a “flying” experience, as recognised in contemporary popular culture. But to delve deeper into the trial records, popular sermons, demonology texts, and medieval pharmacy one will discover not just a flying ointment, but a host of uses for these ointments. Therefore, a more neutral … [Read more...]

New Dawn Special Issue Vol.11 No.6


New Dawn 165 (November-December 2017)

. SINGLE ISSUE - PRINT . SINGLE ISSUE - DIGITAL (US$5.95) . SUBSCRIBE - PRINT . SUBSCRIBE - DIGITAL . The Golden Age of Social Engineering; Poisoned Planet & the Depopulation Agenda; Will Humanity Be Obsolete in Elite’s Future World of Cyborgs & A.I.?; Demographics & Destiny: Civilisation has been Down this Road Before; The Goddess in the Machine: Restoring Intuition in a ‘Left Brain’ Dominant Techno World . INSIDE THIS ISSUE Click on image for larger … [Read more...]