Edgar Cayce: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Messenger

By MITCH HOROWITZ The year 1910 marked a turning point in Western spirituality. It saw the deaths of some of the most luminous religious thinkers of the nineteenth century, including psychologist-seeker William James; popular medium Andrew Jackson Davis; and Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy. These three figures deeply impacted the movements in positive thinking, prayer healing, and psychical research. Their death that year was accompanied by the rise to prominence of a new religious … [Read more...]

New Dawn Special Issue Vol.9 No.5

  How to Survive & Thrive     in a World Gone Mad   . INSIDE THIS 72 PAGE MAGAZINE: . Longevity Are You Willing to Pay the P.r.i.c.e.? By Sandy Brightman Top Practices, Herbs & Foods For a Long & Vibrant Life By Carolanne Wright Detox, Rejuvenate & Feel Fantastic – Fast! By Katrin Geist Nature’s Most Powerful Antibiotics By Alexandra Du Toit Escaping the Matrix of Depression By Nanine Ellis Drumming Heals Body, Mind & Soul By Sayer Ji The Nourish … [Read more...]

Revisiting the Work of Dr. Linus Pauling

By HUW GRIFFITHS A few months ago a very good friend of mine, who also happens to be a naturopath, learned that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. As is frequently the case with any type of cancer diagnosis, there followed an intense period of fear, tension and anguish as everyone involved tried to sort out exactly what to do next. Typically there would be a tendency to rely wholly, and often desperately, on the advice of doctors and their staff, those who we respect as, not … [Read more...]

Kindling the Divine Spark: The Secret to Awakening

By TIM BOUCHER Blessed is he who has a soul, blessed is he who has none, but woe and grief to him who has it in embryo.1 – G.I. Gurdjieff The United States Declaration of Independence proudly proclaims the mystical truth that “all men are created equal.” What happens after that, though, is anybody’s guess. Once we’ve been created equally, does that mean all our lives are the same? Do the essential differences between us come from genetics, environment, free will, the soul? Do we all end up … [Read more...]

The Amazing Story of the Clairvoyants Who Observed Atoms

By BRENDAN D. MURPHY In few, if any, science textbooks or records of Nobel laureates will you find the name of a bona fide and publicly acknowledged occultist or clairvoyant. This, however, is not because such individuals never contributed anything to the history of science. On the contrary, it is due to a profound hubris and acute myopia within the institution of Science that talented metaphysical pioneers have not been credited with scientific discoveries and insights that were ahead of their … [Read more...]

Does Telepathy Conflict With Science? Many are Starting to Think Not

By CHRIS CARTER Recently, journalist Steven Volk was surprised to discover that leading skeptical psychologist Richard Wiseman has admitted that the evidence for telepathy is so good that “by the standards of any other area of science, [telepathy] is proven.” Mr Volk goes on to write, “Even more incredibly, as I report in Fringe-ology, another leading skeptic, Chris French, agrees with him.” Mr Volk might even be more surprised to learn that back in 1951 psychologist Donald Hebb wrote … [Read more...]

Time, Entanglement & Consciousness

By ROBERT M. SCHOCH, Ph.D. Over the past year [2011-2012] a number of new, potentially momentous, discoveries have been made in the realms of quantum and particle physics. On the one hand, they stand to rock the very foundations of modern physics and the common-sense reality that most people live their everyday lives by. On the other hand, these same discoveries lend further support to the reality of both paranormal phenomena and the literal veracity of ancient wisdom. In particular, I am here … [Read more...]

Time Travel & The Multiverse – Many Worlds: Many Timelines

By MARIE D. JONES & LARRY FLAXMAN Time travel has enchanted and intrigued us since the earliest days of fiction, when authors such as H.G. Wells, Samuel Madden, Charles Dickens and Enrique Gaspar y Rimbau stretched and challenged our imaginations with images and tales of men and women who invented amazing machines and devices that could take them back in time, or forward into the future. Because of the restrictions of light speed, and the paradoxes of going back to the past without damaging … [Read more...]

New Dawn 152 (September-October 2015)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Do Psychopaths Run the World? Modern society encourages and rewards psychopathic behaviour. Is it any wonder, writes Nick Parkins, that psychopaths are on the increase? Are Comets ‘Seeding’ Life Throughout the Universe? Did a comet strike jump-start life on Earth? Frank Joseph reports on the paradigm-shifting discovery of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission. Are Your Ancestors Extraterrestrials? Are significant numbers of humanity the product of an ancient … [Read more...]

New Dawn Special Issue Vol.9 No.4

 Revealed!   The Illuminati   Overlords of Chaos  . INSIDE THIS 72 PAGE MAGAZINE: . The Gnomes of Bilderberg 2015 What Are They Really Up To? By Patrick Henningsen The Secret Elite & the Origins of the New World Order By Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor Brothers of the Shadows Overlords of Chaos By Mehmet Sabeheddin . ‘Lodge 322’ The Illuminati Origins of the Order of the Skull & Bones, the Secret Society of America’s Ruling Elite By Dr. K.R. Bolton The CIA & … [Read more...]