New Dawn 104 (September-October 2007)


The Speed of Life:
Why Time Seems to Speed Up & How To Slow it Down

Steve Taylor searches for the answer to this confounding enigma.

A Way to Live: The Path of Self-Knowledge
Richard Smoley looks at how we can experience a more meaningful life from the perspective of the Western mystery tradition.

Esoteric Russia:
How Occult Teachings Have Left Their Mark on Russia

Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller reflects on the influence of magic and mysticism in Russia.

Dostoyevsky and Spiritualism
Did the celebrated author of Crime and Punishment have personal knowledge of another world?, asks John Chambers.

The Real KGB UFO Files
A revealing interview with the former Deputy Chairman of the KGB, the once all-powerful Soviet intelligence service.

The Changing Face of Russian Psi Research
Louis Proud uncovers the secret history of Soviet research into the paranormal.

The Return of Sacred Architecture
Herbert Bangs explains how the ancient laws of sacred proportion and harmony
can bring about a renaissance in architecture.

China’s Unknown Pyramids
Filip Coppens goes in search of China’s amazing pyramids.

John Perkins: From Economic Hitman to Shaman
Former Australian diplomat Reg Little questions if a thoughtful, spiritual James Bond can save America?



Untangling the Mind of Dean Radin
An interview with a leading expert on parapsychology

Neem: Ancient Tree – Modern Miracle
By Brian Williams

The Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Increasing Violence in Our Communities
By Alix Jordan

A Sound Idea for Education, Training & Personal Potential
By Dr. Diana Hodgson

Separating Myth From Truth in Today’s Dietary Debate
Huw Griffiths speaks with Sally Fallon

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