New Dawn 114 (May-June 2009)

cover114The Downshifting Revolution: Trends 2012
With the world economy in crisis mode, Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman examine predictions for the coming years leading up to 2012.

Toxic Prayer: Be Careful What You Ask For…
If thoughts and prayers have the power to heal, do they also have the power to harm? Richard Smoley looks at the dangers and the best protection.

The Hidden History of the Human Race
Did humans walk with the dinosaurs? Michael Cremo presents evidence indicating that human beings like ourselves have existed on earth for 2 billion years.

Restoring Your I-Sight
How the soul unites the senses in healthy seeing. Doug Marsh discusses natural vision improvement, a little known alternative treatment for restoring eyesight.

Intuition: Delusion or Perception?
We are on the verge of discovering how intuition works, writes Ervin Laszlo, by way of the Akashic Field’s link to our macroscopic quantum brain.

Aliens From Dark Earth
Evolution of dark plasma life forms on Earth. Jay Alfred offers his truly original theory for the source of angels, UFOs, jinns, and faeries.

The Noosphere, Noogenesis & the Evolution of Our Planet
Edward Brungardt investigates the revolutionary ideas of Teilhard de Chardin & Vladimir Vernadsky, revealing the connection to the 2012 Galactic Alignment.

UFOs: The Alternative Hypotheses
John Michael Greer explores many of the forgotten or ignored theories that attempt to explain the UFO phenomenon.


Exploring the Power of Spiritual Intent and Distant Healing
By Huw Griffiths

The Golden Spiral of Traditional Foods
By Steve Gagné

Exploring the Next Level of Healing for Humanity
By M. Darren Gregor

Plant Spirit Shamanism
By Ross Heaven

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