New Dawn 115 (July-August 2009)


The Swine Flu “Pandemic”

From Pigs or Out-of-Control Scientists? Could the new swine flu virus have been created in a laboratory and deliberately released? Dr. Alan Cantwell looks at the history of biowarfare experiments and the genetic engineering of viruses.

Bilderberg Plan 2009: Remaking the Global Economy

Ignored by the mainstream media, the world’s most powerful individuals recently met in Greece to chart a course for the next year. Andrew Marshall reports on the 2009 Bilderberg meeting and their strategy to remake the world.

Coming Soon: A Global Central Bank, Global Currency & World Government

Taking advantage of the current global crisis, the Western elites have fast tracked their agenda of forging a new world order. Andrew Marshall exposes the plan to establish a global central bank and currency – one step away from world government.

The Forbidden History of Civilisation & Agriculture

Growing evidence challenges the theory of evolution and suggests a history of humankind extending far beyond textbook timelines. Steve Gagné explores the alternative theories that better explain our ancient past.

The Secret Science Behind Miracles

Richard Smoley introduces the Hawaiian spiritual tradition of Huna, outlining its secret science behind the transmission of prayers and miracle-making.

The Resonance Key

Unlocking the Vibration of Reality. Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman discuss the growing interest in resonance as a potential explanation for everything from the paranormal to the manifestation of intention, and to reality itself.

Humanity, Environment & Spirit

The respected authority on Gnosticism and Jungian psychology, Stephan A. Hoeller, analyses the psychological and spiritual aspects of the Green movement.


  • An Interview With Gordon-Michael Scallion on Intuition, Synchronicity & Earth Changes
  • Healing the Body by Resolving the Traumas of the Past
    By Huw Griffiths
  • The God Theory
    By Bernard Haisch
  • Ascending to the Fifth Dimension
    By Adama
  • Modern Medicine: It’s a Cult Not a Science
    By Mike Adams

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