New Dawn 97 (July-August 2006)

Our Extraterrestrial DNA
In 1973 the British biologist Francis Crick proposed the theory of Directed Panspermia – that life was deliberately seeded on Earth by intelligent beings from another planet. Will Hart explores the implications of Crick’s idea and asks could human development be patterned on alien designs?

The Incredibly Strange Story of Intelligent Design
Is our world the work of a group of incompetent gods? In this controversial essay, Rev Max shows how Intelligent Design theory reveals the handiwork of multiple, incompetent, creator gods.

The Da Vinci Code Controversy: Dan Brown and the Hole in the Levee
What is really behind the ongoing controversy surrounding The Da Vinci Code? Greg Taylor looks at the deeper questions raised by Dan Brown’s novel, including a long suppressed ‘alternative Christian tradition’ the established Church is trying to conceal.

The Occult Conspiracy Revisited
Throughout history secret societies have exercised a strong and often critical influence on the destiny of nations. Michael Howard introduces us to some of the groups and individuals active behind the scenes of world events.

Before the Pharaohs
The discoveries of modern researchers reveal the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid are thousands of years older than Egyptologists claim. The evidence, writes Ed Malkowski, actually shows that a highly sophisticated civilisation once existed prior to those of ancient Egypt and Sumer.

Consider the Kali Yuga
Plato talked about a cycle of Ages, and the ancient Vedas tell of time moving according to a cycle of Yugas. John Anthony West, the renowned independent Egyptologist, explains how the ancients had a far more realistic way to measure history, and what this means for us today.

The Mayan Lord of Creation and 2012
Scholars have translated a Mayan hieroglyphic text that contains a compelling date – December 21, 2012 – the so-called “end date” of the current World Age. What does it say? 2012 researcher John Major Jenkins surveys the current state of 2012 studies and shares some recent discoveries and insights.

Alien Abductions & Star Kids
Extraordinary revelations from the Twilight Zone. Tony Mierzwicki speaks with Mary Rodwell, the Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, about the implications of ET contact.


Stop the 21st Century Killing You!
By Huw Griffiths

From Russia With Love
By Ellen Brown

“You’re Not Unhappy – You Just Think You Are”
By Colin Wilson

The Yoga of Light
By Sharron Rose

Nikola Tesla: Maverick, Visionary & Master of Light
By Rixon Stewart

What is the Secret of the Grail?
By Andrew Collins

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