Restoring Your I-sight: How the Soul Unites the Senses in Healthy Seeing

By DOUG MARSH — Much of medical science deals strictly with the body, while denying – or at least largely relegating to the background – our inner soul essence. This view is particularly prevalent in conventional vision treatment where eyesight is considered to be a camera-like process which creates an image that’s either in or out of focus. Such a one-tiered approach results in a lopsided notion of what is normal. Eyeglasses are so commonplace in our culture, they’re considered virtually … [Read more...]

The Tao of Detox

Daniel Reid Discusses The Natural Way To Prevent And Treat The Toxic Assault On Our Bodies... By HUW GRIFFITHS — Daniel Reid is a leading expert on Eastern philosophy and medicine and is the author of several best selling books on various aspects of Chinese health, healing and traditional practices. His unparalleled ability to explain traditional oriental healing methods to the modern reader in ways that are both practical and easily applicable has earned him an international reputation that … [Read more...]

Psychic Protection: Immunise Yourself Against Negative Energy

BY JOHN FITZSIMONS — Have you ever entered an empty room, or office, and felt “uncomfortable”? Feeling perhaps quite happy to get out of that room, or office, as soon as possible? Maybe you have found somewhere that feels “bad” at one time yet feels “okay” at another time? This could be where we work, live, or somewhere we are visiting or passing through. What about people? Do you know anyone who seems to have a “negative” aura? When­ever you are near them you feel more depressed, angry or … [Read more...]

Healing is Not the Same as a Cure: A Philosophy of Holistic Medicine for the Compound Human Being

By JOHN WHITE — Because the dominant western world view is based on materialism, people who reject that perspective sometimes indiscriminately reject anything having to do with material values, even though such values may be appropriate for certain situations. The attitude toward western medicine of some members of the New Age movement demonstrates this. Although the movement’s critique of western medicine is desirable, its rush to embrace nonwestern medicine and alternative modes of … [Read more...]