New Dawn 142 (January-February 2014)


INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: War or Peace? World Entering Epochal Period of Geopolitical Change With all the upheavals, crises & power shifts, F. William Engdahl presents his analysis of humanity’s collective future. 2014 The Year Ahead Predictions, Perspectives & Insights. What will the New Year bring? We asked several widely published authors and gifted visionaries to share their thoughts. The War on Consciousness Graham Hancock explains why we should rethink what we've been told … [Read more...]

New Dawn 141 (November-December 2013)


INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: Who Really Rules the World? Patrick Henningsen investigates the command & control structure of a powerful cabal of super-rich who plot the destiny of humanity. For Nobody’s Eyes Nick Redfern speaks to New Dawn on the truth about missing government files & how they shed light on the most enduring conspiracy theories. Afterlife – Our Real Home Australian TV & radio presenter Barry Eaton discusses how he came to embrace spirituality, mediumship, and learn … [Read more...]

New Dawn 140 (September-October 2013)


INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: Spying, Prying & Lying The Rise of Global Digital Surveillance. Over the last three decades, warns investigative journalist Patrick Henningsen, an Orwellian digital spying structure has been constructed right under our noses. Extended Minds Mental Fields Within & Beyond Our Brains. You’ll gain a new understanding of your own mind and see the world differently after reading this radical theory presented by renowned scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. On the Edge … [Read more...]

New Dawn 139 (July-August 2013)


INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: ‘Chipping’ Humanity The Global Power Elite’s ‘Product of the Future’. Adrian Salbuchi exposes new microchip technologies and the ramifications for personal freedom. Subconscious Manipulators Take Your Life Off Autopilot. Nick Parkins reveals how our subconscious mind plays a much more important and powerful role in our life than we realise. You Are Not A Number Transcending the Control System. Neil Kramer explains if you are not shaping your own reality, then … [Read more...]

New Dawn 138 (May-June 2013)


INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: Francis I: The Last Pope? St. Malachy made a series of prophecies about the identities of the 112 popes who would reign over the Roman Catholic Church from his day until the ‘End Times’. Adrian Salbuchi asks: Will Francis I be the last pope? Crop Circles Are No Hoax Maverick Australian historian Greg Jefferys presents ground breaking new evidence that crop circles – far from being the work of modern day hoaxers – have been with us for a very long time. Cracking the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 137 (March-April 2013)


INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: ‘Education’: Paying to be Programmed Are today’s schools nothing more than programming machines designed to implant certain perceptions of reality in the minds of students? David Icke shows how schooling suppresses creativity. The Cashless Society Almost Here And With Some Very Sinister Implications. Patrick Henningsen explains how new cashless currencies foreshadow a cashless one world. Planetary Grids: Secret Patterns of Earth’s Sacred Sites Hugh Newman … [Read more...]

New Dawn 136 (January-February 2013)


INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: Chemtrails: The Realities of Geoengineering & Weather Modification Prof. James F. Tracy exposes the secret agenda behind the aerial spraying of toxic chemicals over heavily-populated towns and cities around the world.   Mankind’s Cradle of Civilisation Found in Java? A man-made structure buried on Mount Padang, Indonesia could be one of the oldest ever found. Frank Joseph investigates this exciting new discovery. Sacred Geometry: A New Spin Len … [Read more...]

New Dawn 135 (November-December 2012)


Australia, Pleiades & Egypt: A Secret History Unfolds Steve Strong reports on incredible new revelations about the mysterious ‘ancient Egyptian’ hieroglyphs located close to Sydney, New South Wales. Prophecy in Our Time A Conversation with Gordon-Michael Scallion, a Modern Prophet by Len Kasten. A rare look inside the mind of one of the world’s most famous clairvoyant futurists. Transformation 2012? What outcome can we expect from the 2012 prophecies? Richard Smoley interprets the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 134 (September-October 2012)


Final Conflict 2012? Engineering World War III Adrian Salbuchi connects the dots of a long term plan that could take us down the road to World War III. Interview with Graham Hancock Ancient Civilisations & Altered States of Consciousness. On the eve of his Australian tour, best selling alternative author Graham Hancock speaks to New Dawn. Mysteries of Antarctica Atlantis, Nazis & Ancient Cataclysms. Len Kasten examines legends of Nazi bases and an ancient city under the ice on the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 133 (July-August 2012)


The Reality of ESP Frank Joseph interviews Russell Targ, perhaps the best known psychic investigator of our time and a pioneer of Remote Viewing. Hidden London: Secrets of the City Revealed Andrew Gough takes us on a tour of London uncovering the ancient city’s many mysteries, strange enigmas and occult connections. The London Olympics Conspiracy? An overview of the secret symbols, signs and associations some see as evidence of a conspiracy. John Dee & the Enochian Apocalypse Did Dr. … [Read more...]