New Dawn 128 (September-October 2011)

New Dawn 128

The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order A new global system is being imposed, warns political researcher and educator Richard Moore, and carbon credits are part of the agenda. The Great Carbon Credit Deception . The Coming of Comet Elenin & the End of an Age The 2012 Venus transit and the passing of comets in 2011 will have significant effects on Earth, says author Will Hart. UFOs and the Search for Higher Consciousness Consciousness researcher John White shows how the UFO … [Read more...]

New Dawn 127 (July-August 2011)

Cover127 S

Understanding the Ruling Elite Andy Thomas analyses the psychological motivation and thought processes of the proponents of a ‘One World Government’. Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy divulge compelling new information the ‘Star People’ of black Africa were the true founders of ancient Egyptian civilisation. Cosmic Connections: The Key to Your Destiny? Do the movements of the planets cause events on earth, shape your personality, and … [Read more...]

New Dawn 126 (May-June 2011)

New Dawn Cover 126

Global Elites Behind Chaos in Arab World Revolt in North Africa & the Middle East: The Real Agenda. Adrian Salbuchi shows how the uprisings in the Arab world are part of a bigger game plan. Qadhafi’s Libya Knows How the Global System Really Works Adrian Salbuchi uncovers the truth behind the NATO bombing of Libya. In the Theatre of the Absurd, Libya Now Takes Centre Stage Gerald Perreira, who worked and lived in Libya for many years, presents the untold story of Col. Qadhafi and why he … [Read more...]

New Dawn 125 (March-April 2011)

New Dawn Cover 125

Atlantis Then & Now Richard Smoley revisits the history and fate of the legendary ancient civilisation of Atlantis, and looks at the important lessons for our own time. When Disaster Strikes How can we cope with loss and acute grief, asks Richard Smoley, from the perspective of the ancient wisdom tradition? Stan Gooch & the Neanderthal Legacy Neanderthals are extinct but their genes survive in many of us. Oana Ghiocel & Dr. Robert Schoch journey into the amazing world of an … [Read more...]

New Dawn 124 (January-February 2011)

New Dawn Cover 124

The Secret Science of Mind How Positive Thinking Became a Force in the Modern World. If the Universe is “Mental” in essence, then correctly directing our thoughts could solve most problems. Richard Smoley tracks the rise of the thought power movement. Thoughts Have Wings Dr. Robert Schoch on how the basic phenomena of telepathy has been demonstrated over and over again, and even put to practical use. The Mysterious Kybalion People who have spent time grazing in metaphysical bookshops may … [Read more...]

New Dawn 123 (November-December 2010)

New Dawn123

The Bible: Myth or History? Moses didn’t exist and the Exodus never took place? Little by little, explains Richard Smoley, the Bible’s validity as a source of historical fact has been eroded. God’s Forgotten Wife Did God have a wife? Richard Smoley investigates the archaeological and biblical evidence that the ancient Israelites worshipped a feminine deity alongside Yahweh. Goddesses, Yes – Goddess No! The Feminine & the Multicentred God Image. Dr. Stephan Hoeller examines the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 122 (September-October 2010)

New Dawn122

Preparing World War 3: Target Iran Prof. Michel Chossudovsky warns humanity is at a dangerous crossroads with war preparations to attack Iran at an “advanced state of readiness." Is the End Near? Esoteric Christianity & the Signs of the Times. Part 1. Analysing the forces that shaped our modern world, Richard Cook wonders where we are headed... Change: The Only Constant Freddy Silva uncovers the link between crop circles, temples, the zodiac and 2012, to the cosmic cycles … [Read more...]

New Dawn 121 (July-August 2010)

New Dawn Cover 121

Global Crisis: The Time of Testing is Here Systems are breaking down and the elite controllers are consolidating more power. These are signs, says Richard Cook, of the prophesied “end of the age.” An Ancient Warning, A Global Message From the End of the Last Ice Age. Robert Schoch investigates Easter Island’s mysterious and undeciphered script – the record of a planetary catastrophe? Rock’s Sympathy for the Devil Michael Howard digs up the truth behind the widespread use of magical … [Read more...]

New Dawn 120 (May-June 2010)

New Dawn Cover 120

Bill Gates, Vaccines & the Depopulation Plot Why does one of the world’s richest men want new vaccines to reduce population growth? F. William Engdahl exposes a secret agenda. Avatar: American Terrorists Invade a New World Uri Dowbenko reviews James Cameron’s incredibly popular film Avatar and traces the metaphysical origins of the genocidal impulse plaguing humanity. Aliens, the Anunnaki & You What to Expect When Planet X Returns. Neil Freer offers an eye-opening take on the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 119 (March-April 2010)

New Dawn cover 119

Haitian Catastrophe Raises Spectre of Earthquake Weapon Jason Jeffrey examines the evidence behind Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s claim that a secret US military weapon was unleashed on Haiti. Our Evolving Solar System Plasma, Polar Reversals and 2012. Mark Heley provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential threats facing planet Earth as we move towards 2012. Cosmic Rays and Cygnus X-3 Its Significance to Human Evolution. Andrew Collins explores a mysterious deep space object and … [Read more...]