New Dawn 112 (January-February 2009)


Death of the American Empire America is self destructing and bringing the rest of the world down with it. Tanya Cariina Hsu reveals how the banking elite actually benefit from financial meltdown. Barack Obama & Mass Media Illusions In recent months, events played out on the world stage have caused many to reevaluate the purpose and role of mass media, writes Kathleen McErlain. 11:11 Is it Happening to You? Mysterious time prompts and the power of numbers. Imagine waking up at the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 111 (November-December 2008)


Evolution of the Apocalypse Empire’s Demise, Human Renaissance. American activist Carol Brouillet looks at the collapse of the US-led financial system and the opportunities it offers for a new beginning. The Bad Samaritan Behind the Lies and Cover-ups about the Man Believed to be God. Best selling authors Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince investigate Christianity’s hidden origins and the little known role of Simon Magus. Credo Mutwa and the Alien Agenda UFOs and Alien Abduction in the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 110 (September-October 2008)


Bush’s Legacy: War and the Fall of America As George W. Bush’s eight year long presidency comes to a close, Eric Walberg looks at his legacy of militarisation, war, economic crisis, and the erosion of liberty. The Real Power Behind the Throne-to-Be Barack Obama’s elite controller exposed. Beyond all the hype and heat of Obamania, argues Eric Walberg, one thing is clear: who’s pulling the strings. Rescuing the Bible from Literalism Is the Bible literally true? Have fundamentalist … [Read more...]

New Dawn 109 (July-August 2008)


Global Famine: Is it a Conspiracy? Trying to come to grips with the world food crisis, Eric Walberg says it’s hard not to subscribe to some version of a conspiracy theory. Life, Death & Gnosis: The Gnostics on the Afterlife Richard Smoley examines the Gnostic view of what happens after we die. Death, Transition & the Spirit Realms Past life therapist Roger Woolger discusses the sometimes hazardous journey of the soul from one lifetime to the next and how best to deal with the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 108 (May-June 2008)


The Beijing Games, Confucius & the Very Great US Depression Former Australian diplomat Reg Little reveals how ancient Confucian principles influence modern China and what this means for a declining Western world. Moon Wars: What is NASA Covering Up? Philip Coppens looks at the ongoing controversy surrounding the US space agency and examines claims the Moon landings were faked. The Gnostic Christ Today, as more and more people question conventional Christianity, there is renewed … [Read more...]

New Dawn 107 (March-April 2008)


The Financial Tsunami (Part 1) Author and economist F. William Engdahl takes a behind the scenes look at the economic collapse now underway and the origins of the global financial system. The British Occult Secret Service: The Untold Story Since the days of Queen Elizabeth I the British secret service has had a strange relationship with the world of magic and the occult. Global Crises & the Need for a Paradigm Shift (Part 2) Nafeez Ahmed shows how the current global system, driven … [Read more...]

New Dawn 106 (January-February 2008)


The Hidden Holocaust: Our Civilisational Crisis (Part 1) Nafeez Ahmed casts a spotlight on censored history to reveal the campaign of global genocide and murder underlying modern civilisation. Apocalypse 2012? Reflections on the end of the Mayan calendar. Richard Smoley examines the ideas of José Argüelles, John Major Jenkins & Terence McKenna, and questions what does it all mean? 2012: A Time Odyssey Are we fast approaching the end or a new beginning? Author and film maker Sharron … [Read more...]

New Dawn 105 (November-December 2007)


The End of Eden: The Comet That Changed Civilisation 3,500 years ago Earth encountered a massive comet. As a result, Graham Phillips argues, cultures the world over began to exhibit significant aggressive tendencies. A Pagan Christ? With the approach of Christmas, Richard Smoley, an expert on ancient mystery traditions, reflects on Christianity's hidden origins and the true meaning of the Christ. The Magus Was a Spy Dr. Richard Spence looks at Aleister Crowley's links with the British … [Read more...]

New Dawn 104 (September-October 2007)


The Speed of Life: Why Time Seems to Speed Up & How To Slow it Down Steve Taylor searches for the answer to this confounding enigma. A Way to Live: The Path of Self-Knowledge Richard Smoley looks at how we can experience a more meaningful life from the perspective of the Western mystery tradition. Esoteric Russia: How Occult Teachings Have Left Their Mark on Russia Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller reflects on the influence of magic and mysticism in Russia. Dostoyevsky and … [Read more...]

New Dawn 103 (July-August 2007)


The Real Secret of The Secret The inside story of Rhonda Byrne's hugely popular book and DVD The Secret. Richard Smoley uncovers what's really behind The Secret and explains how you can manifest your true will. The Lost Lands of Mu and Lemuria Was there once a lost land located in the southern Pacific or Indian Oceans? Brian Haughton, author of a recent book on hidden history, examines the story of Lemuria and asks, was Australia once part of this sunken ancient continent? Uru: The … [Read more...]