New Dawn 157 (July-August 2016)

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How To Fight A Robot Army… And Win

Gordon White outlines what you need to know in order to survive and thrive in the rapidly emerging technetronic age.

The Borg are Coming: Resistance is Not Futile

The transformation of humans into cybernetic beings has already begun, writes John Nelson. But, as he explains, it’s not too late to stop the rise of the cyborgs.

David Icke Speaks Out

Coming In the final part of this interview, Marc Star speaks to British author David Icke about your True Self, Infinite Awareness, Russia, the EU, & the Vaccine agenda.

Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe

Uri Dowbenko reviews a new film exposing the vaccine link to autism that provoked international controversy. This is the film they don’t want you to see.

What are Toxins & EMF Radiation Doing to Our Children?

Sandy Brightman looks at the dangerous trends & hidden challenges facing children today, from assault by toxins & EMFs to dumbed down schooling.

Navigating the Transition

Chris Thomson spells out what’s wrong with modern society and how to move from Spiritual Poverty to Spiritual Wealth.

Secret Science of Sacred Geometry (Part 1)

The Golden Ratio, Number 5 & Fibonacci. In the first of a three-part series, Alan Glassman introduces the secret & mysterious language of symbols & numbers.

The Abbey: Custodian of an Esoteric Legacy in Australia

Paul V. Young explores the history of The Abbey and its enigmatic founder.

René Guénon and The Spirits

Ignored and often vilified, René Guénon’s ideas are gaining increasing attention worldwide. Richard Smoley reveals a little known aspect of his writings.


MBS Supplement

Awakening True Spirituality: What Is It and How Do You Avoid Stalling Out? by Penny Kelly

Eye Contact & Energy Exchange by Fred Dodson

When Lack of Consciousness Kills by Michael Grossor

Health Briefs


World Watch
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