New Dawn Special Issue 3

The Occult Universe Revealed

Mysteries of the Unknown

Today the ‘occult’ is invariably linked in the popular imagination with witchcraft, magic, fortune telling, exorcism and demon possession. Thanks to a myriad of best-selling horror novels, along with Hollywood movies such as The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, and alike, the occult is viewed by many as a sinister world of darkness and malevolent powers.

Faced with such bad PR it is absolutely essential to define exactly what we mean by the word occult. For, as you will discover in this Special Issue of New Dawn, the occult inspired great thinkers, profound mystics, intrepid explorers, and has been linked with major historical events. Many famous personalities, including politicians, statesmen, religious leaders and royalty, were actively involved in the occult. Even in the twenty-first century, the occult continues to challenge and inspire quite a few seekers of wisdom.

What is actually meant by the term ‘occult’ and what its detractors mean by it are usually two different things all together. Occult comes from the Latin occultus, something hidden, or concealed. It denotes what is out of view, unseen, in the shadows or unknown. Therefore, occult pertains to many subjects without any sinister connotations. Occultism is simply the study of the secret, unseen or unknown.

Behind the familiar, everyday world we all take so much for granted lies a reality few of us even suspect. New Dawn Special Issue No. 3 examines this occult tradition, introducing some of its prominent personalities, fundamental concepts, practices and little known influence on world affairs. But more than this, New Dawn Special Issue No. 3 provides the information you need to begin to explore the secret teachings of the ages.


Hidden History
Exploring the Lost Knowledge of the Ancient World

By Brian Haughton

Nicholas Roerich
Secret Agent of Hidden Masters

By Mikhail Pashkovsky

Mind Parasites and the World of Invisible Spirits
By Louis Proud

A Mystic in Tibet
Alexandra David-Neel

By Brian Haughton

Surprising Encounters with Reincarnation
By Alexandra David-Neel

Is Mental Telepathy Possible?
By Alexandra David-Neel

Reincarnation: Fact or Fantasy?
By Ian Lawton

The Mysterious Madame Blavatsky
By Stephan Hoeller

Esoteric Australia
By Mehmet Sabeheddin

Rosaleen Norton
The Witch of Kings Cross

By Nevill Drury

The Phallus
Sacred Symbol, Magic Power

By Mehmet Sabeheddin

The History of Unknown Men
The Influence of Secret Societies on Exoteric Warfare

By Robert Guffey

The Fuhrer’s Demons
By Herbie Brennan

Ancient Wisdom and Secret Societies
By James Wasserman

Political Secret Societies
The Hidden Paths of Power

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