Reflections on the 2016 World Wide Wake Up Tour with David Icke

Recently, British author, researcher and activist David Icke visited Australia and New Zealand as part of his 2016 World Wide Wake Up tour. New Dawn published an exclusive interview with David in our May-June and July-August 2016 issues. Following his dynamic presentation to enthusiastic audiences around Australia and New Zealand, we asked David to share some timely insights and observations. The following is a slightly abridged (for space) transcript of David Icke’s exclusive message to New Dawn readers.

When I set out on this World Wide Wake Up tour, which is kind of open-ended, it was for two reasons. One, I felt that the years 2016-2019 are going to be absolutely crucial in deciding the direction that this world, this reality goes. I wanted to do everything I could to get this information circulating so that people could see there were other ways of explaining everything.

And the other reason was the change taking place in people. Not just in numbers of people, but the kind of people who were now starting to look at things that they had not looked at before, or had even dismissed before. There are more and more people opening their minds to the fact that the world is, or could be, different to what they’ve always been told.

They were the motivations for starting this tour, as I speak to you, having just finished the American leg after going across Australia and also New Zealand. That perception has been confirmed in the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met.

I started out on this road 26 years ago, and for the first few years, when I was walking down the street, all I got was laughter and ridicule and dismissal, and I became used to it, it became part of my life. Now that has dramatically changed. I’m being stopped in the street now, again and again, ever more regularly, by people wanting to talk about this information and what’s happening in the world, in a serious way. And it kind of brought it home to me in California, where I spoke in Los Angeles and then San Francisco. When I was going around a country of 320 million people, the number of times I was stopped in the street by various people saying, “I like your information, I see your videos, I’m very interested in what you’re doing.”

And this is not about – oh look, people recognising David Icke, it’s irrelevant. The point I’m making here is that it’s such an indicator of the number of people who are now looking at this information. The scale of the numbers that are quietly – not on the Internet, not in the media – quietly in their lives now looking at this information. And the numbers must be phenomenal because most people you never meet.

The other thing that I found very interesting in Australia, particularly, was the number of times I got on the national mainstream media. I think some of that was the result of this infamous interview on the Today programme, on Channel 9, when these two presenters who had no clue about the world, it seemed to me, apart from what was on the auto-cue, thought they’d take the ridicule/condemnatory line in the interview, and of course it backfired on them massively. I mean, I’ve been dealing with an antagonistic mainstream media for 26 years. It’s all, been there, done that, to me. And as a result of that, it created a bit of controversy and I got onto quite a number of national mainstream radio shows.

What I found was the extraordinary lack of knowledge that people in the mainstream media have about world events. It is not that every journalist is told what to write or say, or not to say. It’s not that everyone’s in on it. You couldn’t run a conspiracy like that. You run a conspiracy on the fewer people know what’s going on the better. So you fiercely compartmentalise your institutions and organisations so people only have enough knowledge to do or to make their contribution to the conspiracy, without having any idea that that’s what they’re doing.

Most journalists dismiss what’s really happening in the world because they haven’t got a clue that it’s happening. And because what they’re doing is constantly downloading into their minds the official version of national and world events, that becomes their reality. Someone like me, who comes along and starts questioning the entire reality they’ve downloaded and accepted to be real, must be mad, must be crazy, or must be doing it for the money.

What I experienced in Australia was how the interviewers’ faces were changing and expressions were changing, the longer the interview went on, because they were basically saying with the expression on their face, “Hold on a minute, this is making sense. It shouldn’t, but it is.” When I pointed out that the same people that told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify a catastrophic invasion and what has followed since, were the same people, individuals, personalities, that gave us the official story of 9/11. You saw the faces change. It was like… Well, actually, that’s true, isn’t it! – on their face. And it is extraordinary to see how uninformed mainstream media people are about the world they report, and when you are uninformed about what’s really going on, the span of potential questions for the official narrative of everything is dramatically limited because you don’t have another point of reference to come to that narrative.

It’s the far out stuff that people are most riveted by. Yes, they’re interested in world events and how they can be looked at from a completely different perspective, and how the dots can be connected to show it’s actually all pre-ordained and pre-arranged. But it’s when you get into the deep nature of reality, the nature of a non-human force manipulating human affairs, that’s what I’m finding people are most riveted by, which is again incredibly encouraging in confirming that minds are opening to a much greater sense of the possible than we’ve seen before.

You’ve got world events pushing against that. One of the ways this is happening is the increasingly blatant censorship of information, not least by Internet giants like Google and Facebook. And Google of course own YouTube, which is another vehicle for increasing censorship. And during the trip to California, I did a little bit of filming on the way to Silicon Valley, which is the kind of epicentre of technological development for this transhumanist agenda, and the centre of so much that happens involving the Internet. I went to have a look at the Singularity University, which is this transhumanist university in Silicon Valley, co-founded by this global promoter of the transhumanist agenda, Ray Kurzweil. And it’s appropriately situated in the NASA Research Park, because NASA and DARPA, the technological development arm of the Pentagon, and Google and Facebook – they’re all masks on the same face, they’re all part of the same network. You know, it’s really time people realised that Google is not just a search engine, and Facebook is not just a social media platform. They are vehicles for a very sinister agenda.

DARPA, this deeply sinister technological development arm of the Pentagon, comes up with things like death rays because they haven’t got enough ways of killing people yet, that is driving this transhumanist agenda to put technology inside people – not least inside their brains through nanotechnology, literally breathing it in, to take control of human perception on a scale that we’ve never even seen before. And they’re doing it in league with, and close association with, Internet giants like Google. We are now seeing this twin agenda where on one side you have these organisations working together to create the transhumanist nightmare, part of which is to create a WiFi global cloud to which human minds will be attached via this technology, that requires that nowhere on Earth can you find anywhere where there’s not a WiFi field where you’re not part of this cloud.

The other part of this agenda of these Internet giants, in league with the same government military players, is increasing censorship and suppression of the alternative media. It’s becoming farcical now what Facebook is taking down, and of course Facebook have just employed a Head of Policy who is a senior advisor to [Israeli PM] Benjamin Netanyahu. And you’ve got the manipulation of search engine lists by Google to stop things getting to the top of the search engine lists that they don’t want people to see.

This is all part of this censorship of information, which will very much increase under Hillary Clinton, who absolutely hates the alternative media, on behalf of those that control it. She will try to suppress even more what the alternative media can get out there, and that’s another reason why it’s important we do everything we can now to communicate as much information as we can, before it becomes more challenging to do so.

These are some of the thoughts and experiences that I’ve had since I started on this tour in England in June, and now I’m off to Europe and around many European countries, and I’m sure the same thing will continue there. These next three to four years are going to be absolutely crucial in whether the awakening changes this human society in line with where it’s increasingly coming from, or whether we allow this hidden hand to impose its will. The two worlds that those two states of awareness manifest, will be dramatically different.

It’s time for humanity to get off the fence. For those that know something now, about what is happening in the world and what’s behind it, to stop being silent, and all of us, all of us do everything we can to communicate to as many people as we can, the fact that the world’s not like we’re being told.

Alright everyone, I hope that was ok, and thanks for your interest in what I’m doing. Much appreciated. See you soon, bye.

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