New Dawn 123 (November-December 2010)

The Bible: Myth or History?
Moses didn’t exist and the Exodus never took place? Little by little, explains Richard Smoley, the Bible’s validity as a source of historical fact has been eroded.

God’s Forgotten Wife
Did God have a wife? Richard Smoley investigates the archaeological and biblical evidence that the ancient Israelites worshipped a feminine deity alongside Yahweh.

Goddesses, Yes – Goddess No!
The Feminine & the Multicentred God Image. Dr. Stephan Hoeller examines the death of the monotheistic god and the emergence of multiple gods & goddesses.

Science Was Wrong
World famous ufologist and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman speaks out in this interview with New Dawn about scientific cover-ups and deception.

The Dis-Ease of the Western Mind
How did a particular mindset come to dominate the West and distort our thinking process? Ervin Laszlo reveals the symptoms of the dis-ease and its cure.

Psychic Vampires: Are You a Victim?
Encounters with energy predators can leave you exhausted with damage to your mind and body. Joe Slate shows you how to protect yourself.

Camille Flammarion & the Mystery of Death
Robert Schoch introduces one of France’s greatest scientist-celebrity and his quest to discover what lies beyond bodily death.

Signs of the Times – Part II
Gnosticism Then and Now. Richard Cook traces an underground stream of spiritual teachings now manifesting more openly in the modern world.

Yukio Mishima: The Man and the Mythology
Perhaps one of the most tragic figures in 20th century Japan, Mishima committed ritual suicide 40 years ago. Reg Little looks at his intriguing legacy.


The Great Cholesterol Deception
By Dr. Peter Dingle

Spiritism & the New Medicine
By Dr. Claudio Petrillo & Silvia Knoploch

A Purpose Guided Universe
By Dr. Bernard Haisch

Conscious Breathing
By Dennis Lewis

How to Avoid Health Hazards of Lighting
By Paul Fassa

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