New Dawn 130 (January-February 2012)

Ancient Egyptians in Australia!

Steve Strong goes in search of mysterious engravings found within two hours of Sydney that could rewrite Australian history.

Prophecies & Predictions: 2012 the Year Ahead

What can we expect in the new year? What might the end date in the Mayan calendar mean for humanity? Prominent writers share their insights.

It’s Time to End the World & Start Anew

Benjamin Fulford, a former bureau chief at Forbes Magazine, reveals how a secret war for the control of humanity’s future is about to take a new turn.

What Will 2012 Bring You?

It’s all in the numbers. Using the ancient science of numerology, Michael Brill explains how to decode what the new year holds in store for you.

Giordano Bruno: Forgotten Genius & Hermetic Martyr

Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince look at one of the greatest minds of western history, and why he was burnt at the stake by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Miracle of Water: The Ying & the Yang

Water is a conscious organism, writes Alick Bartholomew, uniting all of creation in one vast communication network.

The Cause of Global Warming, Global Cooling & Pole Shifts

Maurice Cotterell continues his outline of the forbidden science of the Sun!

Mysterious Connection Between Sirius & Human History

Secret societies revered it and ancient civilisations worshipped the brightest star in our sky. What makes Sirius so special, asks Vigilant Citizen?

The Bacteria-Cancer Connection

Dr. Alan Cantwell exposes one of the biggest medical cover-ups of recent times.


Speaking Out Against Water Fluoridation
By Helen Cannington

The Magic of Numbers & Tarot
By Louise Storey

Shakespeare Decoded: The True Author is Named
Shakespeare – Half the Story Has Been Told
By Virginia Fellows

Twelve Powerful Natural Items for Better Heart Health
By Tony Isaacs



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