New Dawn 149 (March-April 2015)




Man & Superman

The Secret Programs to Create Real Life ’X-Men’. Len Kasten investigates US government experiments designed to transform men into Supersoldiers.

DARPA: The Pentagon’s Blue-Sky Think-Tank

David Thrussell explores some of the latest hi-tech projects of the mad scientists at America’s controversial top secret military research agency.

New Silk Roads & the Eurasian Century

For more than 1,500 years, across thousands of kilometres, the Silk Road connected East and West. Reg Little looks at China’s plan to revive this ancient route.

Gallipoli: The Untold Story

Gerry Doherty & Jim Macgregor explain why the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, that cost thousands of young lives, was purposefully designed to fail.

Biophotonics: The Science Behind Energy Healing

Do light frequencies hold the key to well being? Katrin Geist examines the research breakthroughs on biophotonic emissions.

Entangled Minds

Telepathically Entering Another Person’s Lucid Dreams. Rev. Gary Duncan reports on a series of groundbreaking experiments to control the dream world.

Reprogramming Your Robots

Frank DeMarco outlines a simple technique for identifying hidden problems in a person’s life, and how to rectify them.

The Enneagram: An Ancient Theory of Everything

Imagine if there was a secret to always successfully completing a cycle of activity? Darren J. Carville reveals the formula and shows how you can apply it.

J.G. Bennett: A Quest for the Masters of Wisdom

Andrew Phillip Smith on the life of one of the greatest British spiritual explorers of the twentieth century.



Hypnotic Handshakes & Jedi Mind Tricks
By Neil Kramer

Going Beyond the Physical: Your Inner Senses
By Chris Thomson

How WiFi & Other EMFs Cause Biological Harm
By Kevin Samson

The ‘Gift’ of Disease
By Ross Bishop

Health Briefs




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