New Dawn 155 (March-April 2016)

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How the Secret Government Works:
UFOs & the Deep National Security State

Coming Is there a connection between America’s National Security State and UFOs? Alan Glassman reports on the recent revelations of Dr. Steven Greer.

Top Ten Conspiracies of 2015

Coming Patrick Henningsen & Shawn Helton look at last year’s most gripping conspiratorial events and stories – including ’false flag’ attacks, the rise of ISIL, and a plethora of fabricated plots & cover-ups.

The New Silk Roads: The Quiet Revolution

Coming Australian barrister James O’Neill examines developments that will dramatically impact Australia’s future. But is anyone paying attention?

Crop Circles: Messages from Another World?

Coming Nicholas Corrin discusses two separate and mysterious cryptograms that manifested in grain fields overnight. What are “they” trying to tell us?

Can We See the Future?

Coming Dr. Robert M. Schoch explores the science of precognition and what it reveals about our latent powers within and the nature of reality.

Synchronicity & the Secret of the Co-Creator

Coming Robert Torres introduces the concept of synchronicity, or “meaningful coincidences.” What role do you play in making them happen in your own life?

From Atlantis to Angels & the Afterlife

Coming Richard Smoley interviews author Ptolemy Tompkins about his writing pursuits, collaboration with Eben Alexander, and his father’s amazing life.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie & the Meaning of “Blackstar”

Coming In the wake of David Bowie’s recent passing, Vigilant Citizen analyses the enigmatic message conveyed in his final album.


MBS Supplement

What’s What? Navigating the Plastic Jungle by Katrin Geist

D.I.Y. Home Remedies: Relieving Mental & Emotional Fatigue by Sandy Brightman

Health Briefs


World Watch
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