New Dawn 156 (May-June 2016)

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Technetronic Enslavement: Life Inside the Matrix of Control

Coming Patrick Henningsen shows how technological progress is quickly turning into a nightmare that threatens our humanity.

Control 101: Creating Consensus Reality

Coming Patrick Henningsen explains how populations in the Western world are manipulated by mainstream media, the education system, and the state itself.

David Icke Speaks Out

Coming In the first part of this interview, Marc Star speaks to British author David Icke about our Hunger Games society, Transhumanism, the Phantom Self, & more.

Converging Prophecy: Will 2017 be the Year Hell Breaks Loose?

Coming Warren Aston analyses two intriguing prophecies that resonate closely with unfolding events.

Who are the Controllers?

Coming Elites finance wars & political assassination, and manufacture events to provoke conflict in their favour. It’s about time we woke up, writes Mees Baaijen.

The Conquest of Time: Can We Penetrate the Veil of the Future?

Coming Nicholas Corrin examines the story of a group of gamblers who come up with a method of reading the future.

The Cocaine Mummies Revisited

Coming Brett Lothian investigates the ancient Egyptian mummies that were found to contain tobacco, cannabis and cocaine.

Typhon Rising: The Magical Legacy of Kenneth Grant

Coming Matthew Levi Stevens reviews the life & work of the British author, occultist and poet Kenneth Grant.

The Strange Identity of Jesus Christ

Coming Most Christians think the New Testament says that Jesus is God. They’re wrong, says Richard Smoley. Here’s why…


MBS Supplement

Is Your Home Making You Sick? D.I.Y. Remedies for Cleaning the Energy & Air of Your House by Sandy Brightman

Microwaves as a Drug by Benjamin Nowland

Ego is Not the Enemy by Will Schneider

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