Messages from The Light: Near-Death Experiences & Communication from the Other Side

By CHRISTOPHOR COPPES— The closest contact with our afterlife is when we have a near-death experience (NDE). More and more people report such an experience. The reason being, that medical science gets better every day. We are more capable to bring back to life a growing number of people who go through a critical medical situation. But also without a critical medical situation people can have a NDE. What messages do near-death experiencers (NDErs) get out of this? And what messages can … [Read more...]

What Lives On? Investigating Life After Death

By ROBERT M. SCHOCH, Ph.D. — Do we survive the death of our physical bodies? Is there such a thing as a postmortem continuation of the individual? If there is survival, what survives? Does everyone survive? What does it even mean to survive? Answers to these questions are central to the dogmas of many religions. These same issues are amongst the most refractory when addressed using the techniques of scientific inquiry: data gathering, hypothesis formulation and testing, logical analyses. … [Read more...]

The Out-of-Body Experience As Dimensional Translocation

BY JIM DEKORNE — Pause for a moment and try to imagine four-dimensional space. It is right next to you, but in a direction you can’t point to. No matter how well hidden you may be, a four-dimensional creature can see you perfectly well, inside and outside. – Rudy Rucker, The Fourth Dimension How might these beings be even dimly aware of our presence, if we normally don’t have an inkling of theirs? Once more, we’re treading on extraordinarily thin ice by even thinking about explanations for … [Read more...]