The Kali Yuga: Dicing with Death

By GWENDOLYN TAUNTON One of the most well-known cultural imports from India that has exerted an influence on Western thought is that of the Kali Yuga. This topic has been particularly dwelt upon by the Perennialist School, which includes authors such as René Guénon and Alain Daniélou. The reason for the popularity of this subject in the West is two-fold: Firstly, the Kali Yuga can be used to explain a number of political, economic, and environmental problems which currently face humanity. … [Read more...]

Pope Francis & the Prophecies of St Malachy

By ROBERT HOWELLS We think of prophecy as a revealing of information that can include warnings or spiritual insights. In the Old Testament, prophets were revered and the wisdom they imparted considered of the highest authority. They acted as a conduit to divine revelation as the will of God was revealed to them through communication with the Holy Spirit. Christianity was built upon a Messianic figure whose coming was prophesied in the Old Testament books of Daniel and Isaiah. Yet in recent … [Read more...]

Prophecy in Our Time: Brazil Rising

By MIKHAIL PASHKOVSKY— ... and between the parallels 15º and 20º south, there was a large and wide stream that began from a point where a lake was formed. When the hidden mines are caved in the middle of these hills, a great civilisation will show up, a promised land from where comes out milk and honey… – Prophecy of Saint John Bosco, 1883 In 1883, an Italian priest named Dom Bosco had a strange dream of a land abundant in precious metals and oil that would be discovered between the 15th and … [Read more...]

2012, the Apocalypse & the End of the Age

By MEHMET SABEHEDDIN— Cultures that view themselves as waning are usually those most likely to tap into doomsday scenarios, especially when the world’s end is followed by universal renewal. – Prof. Anthony Aveni, American anthropologist & astronomer An Apocalypse (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.... By … [Read more...]

The Chinese Nostradamus

By JOHN CHAMBERS — This year [2011] is the 700th anniversary of the birth of Liu Ji (1311-1375), military commander of Chinese forces both on land and on sea and long-time advisor to the first Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, whom he helped bring to power. Liu Ji, who eventually became grand chancellor at the imperial court, was a man of protean interests and the author or co-author of books on warfare including comprehensive treatises on the use of gunpowder in firearms (Huolongjing), and, in … [Read more...]

Embracing the Winds of Change

By CHRISTINE PAGE— "Phew! I’m so pleased that’s over! Yes, labour was long and sometimes painful but I’m home again with a beautiful baby and everything will now return to normal.” The soft inner voice of wisdom rises from the shadows, eliciting further response. “What do you mean I’m deluding myself and haven’t a clue about what the future holds? Are you telling me this is just the beginning and that there are more surprises in store with my life undergoing a complete transformation? Is it too … [Read more...]

Apocalypse: The End Times and the Restoration of All Things

By RICHARD SMOLEY— "The earth abideth for ever,” says the Bible (Ecclesiastes 1:4). Whether this is literally true or not, it corresponds to the deepest core of human experience. The Earth was around long before the existence of human beings, and it will probably continue to exist long after we are extinct. Why, then, does the belief in the end of the world – not as a remote possibility but as an imminent event – persist so stubbornly in the mass consciousness? For we continue to believe … [Read more...]

Transformation 2012?

By RICHARD SMOLEY— Prophecy is always to be taken seriously. But that does not mean that it is always to be believed. In fact prophecy as a whole has a rather dismal record for foretelling the future. The apocalyptic predictions of Judaism and Christianity have constantly been disappointed. The predictions of Nostradamus, insofar as they can be understood, have an equally unsatisfactory record; their continued popularity has been assured chiefly by their vagueness. Even scientific forecasts … [Read more...]

Childhood’s End: The Agony of Our Collective Puberty

By JAY WEIDNER & SHARRON ROSE The passage from childhood to adulthood happens when the child begins to realise that life is hard, death is certain and the chances are pretty good that he or she is going to be struggling for the rest of their life. These harsh realities wash away the idealism, naiveté and illusions of youth. Also this maturation process causes the youth to have a new understanding of what responsibility and stewardship means as well as the desire to make an impact on reality … [Read more...]

The Amazing Prophecies of Benjamín Parravicini

By ADRIAN SALBUCHI— Coming events cast their shadows forward. – Johann W. von Goethe This is the story of a most unassuming modern prophet – Benjamín Solari Parravicini (BSP) – who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1898, and died in 1974 at the age of 76. He was a painter and sculptor, and came from a traditional and well-to-do family. He held various posts with the Buenos Aires Municipal Arts Department; nothing particularly memorable nor exceptional about his social and professional … [Read more...]