New Dawn 157 (July-August 2016)

. SINGLE ISSUE - PRINT . SINGLE ISSUE - DIGITAL . SUBSCRIBE - PRINT . SUBSCRIBE - DIGITAL . . Tweet How To Fight A Robot Army… And Win Gordon White outlines what you need to know in order to survive and thrive in the rapidly emerging technetronic age. The Borg are Coming: Resistance is Not Futile The transformation of humans into cybernetic beings has already begun, writes John Nelson. But, as he explains, it’s not too late to … [Read more...]

New Dawn 156 (May-June 2016)

. SINGLE ISSUE - PRINT . SINGLE ISSUE - DIGITAL . SUBSCRIBE - PRINT . SUBSCRIBE - DIGITAL . Technetronic Enslavement: Life Inside the Matrix of Control Patrick Henningsen shows how technological progress is quickly turning into a nightmare that threatens our humanity. Control 101: Creating Consensus Reality Patrick Henningsen explains how populations in the Western world are manipulated by mainstream media, the education system, and … [Read more...]

New Dawn 155 (March-April 2016)

. SINGLE ISSUE - PRINT . SINGLE ISSUE - DIGITAL . SUBSCRIBE - PRINT . SUBSCRIBE - DIGITAL . . Tweet How the Secret Government Works: UFOs & the Deep National Security State Is there a connection between America’s National Security State and UFOs? Alan Glassman reports on the recent revelations of Dr. Steven Greer. Top Ten Conspiracies of 2015 Patrick Henningsen & Shawn Helton look at last year’s most gripping … [Read more...]

New Dawn 154 (January-February 2016)

. SINGLE ISSUE - PRINT . SINGLE ISSUE - DIGITAL . SUBSCRIBE - PRINT . SUBSCRIBE - DIGITAL . . Tweet Lifting the Veil on 2016 Navigating the Coming Storm. All indications are that the past year was just a warm up for things to come. Patrick Henningsen looks at what we can expect. 2016: The Year Ahead What Will the New Year Bring? We asked 6 visionary authors & regular New Dawn contributors to share their insights on the … [Read more...]

New Dawn 153 (November-December 2015)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Putin, Obama, Assad & the Syrian Head-Banger What is really going on in the Middle East? Patrick Henningsen dissects the disinformation and presents a clear picture of what is happening. Magicians of the Gods David Thrussell interviews Graham Hancock on his new book, discussing the global cataclysm that wiped out an advanced civilisation over 12,000 years ago, and the clues found at mysterious archaeological sites. Oceania Forever: Rise of the Global Police … [Read more...]

New Dawn 152 (September-October 2015)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Do Psychopaths Run the World? Modern society encourages and rewards psychopathic behaviour. Is it any wonder, writes Nick Parkins, that psychopaths are on the increase? Are Comets ‘Seeding’ Life Throughout the Universe? Did a comet strike jump-start life on Earth? Frank Joseph reports on the paradigm-shifting discovery of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission. Are Your Ancestors Extraterrestrials? Are significant numbers of humanity the product of an ancient … [Read more...]

New Dawn 151 (July-August 2015)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Weapons of Mass Distraction The Media, Advertising & Social Programming. Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman examine the new avenues & tactics used by the media to manipulate us. Flight MH17: What Really Happened & Why Patrick Henningsen uncovers the shocking and disturbing truth about the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on 17 July 2014. Is the World Headed Toward Another Ice Age? Scientific evidence points to the very real potential for a new ice … [Read more...]

New Dawn 150 (May-June 2015)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . The Mystery of Flight MH370: Looking for Clues in All the Wrong Places Paul V. Young investigates the biggest aviation mystery of modern times. Was the aircraft the victim of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong? Global Trade Deals & the Struggle for World Control What You Need to Know About the TTIP & TPP. Paul Carline exposes the immense corporate power grabs you’re not supposed to know about. In the Trenches: The War for the Internet There’s a … [Read more...]

New Dawn 149 (March-April 2015)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Man & Superman The Secret Programs to Create Real Life ’X-Men’. Len Kasten investigates US government experiments designed to transform men into Supersoldiers. DARPA: The Pentagon’s Blue-Sky Think-Tank David Thrussell explores some of the latest hi-tech projects of the mad scientists at America’s controversial top secret military research agency. New Silk Roads & the Eurasian Century For more than 1,500 years, across thousands of kilometres, the Silk Road … [Read more...]

New Dawn 148 (January-February 2015)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Marching Towards Disaster What’s Really Behind the US Push in the Asia-Pacific? What are the dangers to Australia from Obama’s ’Pivot to Asia’? Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya investigates. Dangerous Liaisons Former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser’s interview on Sophia&Co about Australia’s relations with Russia, the role of China, and the US alliance. Boom to Bust in 2015? The Predictions of Martin Armstrong’s Market Cycle Theory. Steven Tritton introduces us to the man … [Read more...]