New Dawn 160 (January-February 2017)

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Trump Apocalypse: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Adrian Salbuchi analyses the US election, focusing on three key tests to determine if Trump is the real deal.

Donald Trump & the Shadow Government

Mehmet Sabeheddin looks at the roots of the plan for a New World Order and the likelihood that ‘Deep State’ operatives are moving to control Trump.

Divide & Rule: Gotcha Where We Want You

Does anyone think recent world-changing events happened by accident or chance?, asks British writer & activist David Icke.

Out of Australia: Aborigines & the Dawn of Humanity

Modern humans emerged from Australia, not Africa, write Steven & Evan Strong, and history books have got it wrong about the origins of civilisation.

Incarnating into Virtual Reality

Can you tell the difference between the real world and artificial digitally created environments? In the future, warns Fred Dodson, it might not be so easy…

Are We Humans Terminally Insane or Just Waking Up?

A contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul infects humanity. Paul Levy exposes the mind-virus that Native Americans call “wetiko.”

The Next Big Bang: Human Consciousness & the Universe’s Ultimate Secret

The spiritual implications of the quantum scientific revolution, writes Jim Stempel, are yet to be felt.

Rainbow Body: The Untold Story of How the Western Chakra System Came To Be

Kurt Leland looks at the fascinating history of this central New Age concept.

Messages in the Movies (Part 3)

Robert Guffey concludes his review of films in the subgenre of “Gnostic cinema.”


MBS Supplement

Be Your Own Health Detective by Sandy Brightman

The Case for Medical Marijuana in Australia by Daniel Reid

Medical Marijuana in Australia Likely a “Cut Throat Industry” by Jason Jeffrey

Health Briefs


World Watch
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