New Dawn Special Issue Vol.9 No.3


 Mystery of 


 & the Mind Matrix 




Return Trip
The New Psychedelic Science

By Erik Davis

The War on Drugs & the Control of Consciousness

By Graham Hancock

Chavín de Huántar:
Labyrinth of the Mind
Drugs, Rituals & Altered States of Consciousness in Ancient Peru

By Alistair Coombs

Entheogens, Initiation & the Modern World
There are No Shortcuts to Spiritual ‘Enlightenment’

By Robert Black

Alex Grey & the Mind Parasites

By Jonathan Zap

A Neurosurgeon’s Journey to Worlds Beyond
An Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander

By Richard Smoley

Where Does Consciousness Reside?
Eben Alexander & the Brain-Mind Problem

By Richard Smoley

Science of the Whole
Integrating Matter & Spirit

By Chris Thomson

The Divine Art of Self-Correction
A Path of Unfolding Our Innate Divinity

By Danielle Graham

A Practical Guide to Power of the Mind

By D.J. Carville

Primal Vision & ‘Active Seeing’
Why We Don’t Perceive What’s Right in Front of Our Eyes

By Colin Wilson

Doublethink & the Mental Construction of Reality

By Nick Meador

The Unlimited Mind of Doctor John C. Lilly

By Marshall Hammond

Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O.)

By Dr. John C. Lilly




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