New Dawn 112 (January-February 2009)

cover112Death of the American Empire
America is self destructing and bringing the rest of the world down with it. Tanya Cariina Hsu reveals how the banking elite actually benefit from financial meltdown.

Barack Obama & Mass Media Illusions
In recent months, events played out on the world stage have caused many to reevaluate the purpose and role of mass media, writes Kathleen McErlain.

11:11 Is it Happening to You?
Mysterious time prompts and the power of numbers. Imagine waking up at the same time every night and seeing the same time appear on your alarm clock. What does it mean? Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman explore the mysteries of the power of numbers.

What Gorilla? Why Some Can’t See Psychic Phenomena
Is it possible blind spots prevent us from noticing paranormal events? In fact, says researcher Dean Radin, most people block out these all too common human experiences due to the mind-altering Western scientific worldview.

What was the Sphinx?
There has never been a satisfactory answer to what the Sphinx of ancient Egypt actually is or was. Best selling British author and renegade Egyptologist Robert Temple divulges his explosive new theory.

Dogon Cosmology & Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Laird Scranton provides a new understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs as scientific symbols based on the cosmological drawings of Africa’s enigmatic Dogon people….

Mysterious Celtic Mummies of the Gobi
In a remote corner of China, scientists have discovered 3,800-year-old burial sites containing blonde, tartan-clad mummies.

Behold the Green Dragon
The myth and reality of an Asian secret society. Dr. Richard Spence offers a tantalising glimpse into this seemingly influential and mysterious organisation.


What is Biodynamic Farming?
By Wendy Cook

An Interview With Robyn Welch

The Global Food Crisis & Kin’s Domain Eco-Villages
By Space of Love

Ancients Aware of Healing Power of Honey
By Sally Fallon

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