Behind the News

Technology/Mind Control

Storming Fort Orthodox: Strategies to Break Through the Bubble

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 14 No 5 (Oct 2020) When something dramatic happens, we want an explanation. We want answers to questions like: Why is it happening? Who is responsible? Where is it heading? What does it all mean? In the mainstream narrative […]

Secret Wisdom

Archetypes To Live By: The Power of Universal Symbols

From New Dawn 164 (Sept-Oct 2017) A human life is a story, with a beginning, middle and an end. Like stories, our lives are filled with moments and experiences that shape us into who we ultimately become. Many of those moments […]

UFOs/Unexplained Phenomena


Crystal Healing & Power in the Great Southern Land

From New Dawn 161 (Mar-Apr 2017) A recent issue of New Dawn delved into the secretive world of the Aboriginal shaman or “clever man” as he was known to his people. Briefly mentioned by Bruce Stringer in his article ‘Cleverman’ (in […]

Spiritual Powers & Teachings of Precious Stones: The Missing Link

From New Dawn 161 (Mar-Apr 2017) The mineral kingdom has fascinated humankind since its earliest days. Archaeological evidence suggests that early man used stone tools and revered unusual rocks and minerals, sometimes even adorning themselves with it. The lives of […]

New Science/Consciousness

Robert Anton Wilson & Guerrilla Ontology

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 15 No 1 (Jan 2021) Although we are in the midst of an ‘information revolution’, many of us rarely question the world around us. As the political domain becomes increasingly polarised, there is a […]

Magical Words: General Semantics & the Power of Language

From New Dawn 181 (Jul-Aug 2020) Words hold incredible power. When used poetically, they can evoke the most primal of passions within us. When used destructively, they can wage war and create conflict. When used imaginatively, they can create fantastic […]

Secret History

Giordano Bruno: Forgotten Genius & Hermetic Martyr

From New Dawn 130 (Jan-Feb 2012) In our last New Dawn article we listed the great pioneering discoveries of science that – unacknowledged by science historians – were directly inspired by the ancient Egyptian ideas as set out in the […]

The Timeless Mystery of the Count de Saint-Germain

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 3 (June 2017) While historical records prove that the man known as the Count de Saint-Germain actually existed, his life seems to defy common sense and appears almost magical. Was he a […]

Ancient Mysteries

The Astonishing Achievements of our Ancient Ancestors

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 14 No 3 (June 2020) Like other New Dawn readers, I had heard something about Roman road-builders, Mayan mathematicians and Babylonian astronomers. But I was subsequently surprised to discover that these and other peoples […]

America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilisation

From New Dawn 175 (Jul-Aug 2019) Humans were in America long before we’ve been told, and the Australian Aborigines have a genetic connection to the Amazon which once had great cities. FRANK JOSEPH looks at the fresh discoveries in Graham […]


Secrets of Natural Antibiotics & Antivirals

From New Dawn 184 (Jan-Feb 2021) For much of human history, the true cause of infectious diseases remained a mystery. In the absence of treatment, many patients succumbed to their illnesses. It was not until the nineteenth century that evidence […]

Getting Serious with Spiritual Practices in an Age of Crisis

From New Dawn 181 (Jul-Aug 2020) Over the years, I have used a variety of contemplative practices in combination to achieve specific spiritual outcomes. These practices eventually became ritualised into cyclical patterns in which the stage was set for some […]


Life, Death & Gnosis: The Gnostics on the Afterlife

From New Dawn 109 (Jul-Aug 2008) The possibilities for life after death come down to a mere three:1. There is no life after death. Death is the total extinction of consciousness. 2. Life after death continues on earth (through reincarnation). […]

Will I Survive? A Look at the Afterlife

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 6 (Dec 2017) What happens when we die? Human beings have asked this question probably more than any other, with “Does God exist?” and “What is the meaning of life?” coming in […]

Camille Flammarion & the Mystery of Death

From New Dawn 123 (Nov-Dec 2010) In late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century France, a famous, and favourite, personality was the astronomer, science populariser, and science fiction writer Camille Flammarion (1842-1925).1 It is difficult today to gauge the celebrity status that […]