Behind the News

Secret History

The Secret History & Modern Legacy of HP Lovecraft

From New Dawn 198 (May-June 2023) As an example of militant action in favour of the greatest possible degree of open-mindedness, and as an initiation into the cosmic consciousness, the works of Charles Fort have been a direct source of […]

The Secret Elite & the Balfour Declaration

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 12 No 3 (June 2018) The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has barely been out of the news since the State of Israel was created in 1948. Few people are aware of the […]

New Science/Consciousness

Psychiatric Spirit Release & the Survival of Consciousness

From New Dawn 198 (May-June 2023) When, at fifty-nine I finally returned, after twenty years, to clinical psychiatry, I had no idea that I was on the verge of an inconceivably strange adventure. Treating patients by talking to troublesome earthbound […]

Lighten Up: It’s Time for a Great Awakening

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 17 No 5 (Oct 2023) No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.– Albert Einstein A radical inner transformation and rise to a new level of consciousness might […]

UFOs/Unexplained Phenomena

Exploring the Shamanism–Alien Abduction Connection – Part 2

From New Dawn 189 (Nov-Dec 2021) A comparison of the two types of experiences – shamanic and alien abduction – is revealing. Folklorist Dr T.E. Bullard lists the following elements of UFO abduction narratives:  • capture • examination (which includes tales of […]

Ancient Mysteries


Allan Kardec and the Way of the Spirit

From New Dawn Special Issue No 5 (Winter 2008) In Allan Kardec’s The Spirits’ Book, which is considered by many to be the bible of Spiritism, the characteristics of “impure spirits” are listed. They are “inclined to evil,” it says, […]

Life, Death & Gnosis: The Gnostics on the Afterlife

From New Dawn 109 (Jul-Aug 2008) The possibilities for life after death come down to a mere three:1. There is no life after death. Death is the total extinction of consciousness. 2. Life after death continues on earth (through reincarnation). […]

Technology/Mind Control

Making Social Media Work for You

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 16 No 1 (Feb 2022) You are the product. Your personal data are sold to brokers and advertisers against your informed consent to profit the uber-rich, like Facebook’s (now “Meta”) co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg.1 But […]

Silent Weapons for the Secret War on You

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 16 No 2 (June 2022) The world of non-lethal weaponry has opened the door to technologies that allow the control of one’s mind, thoughts, actions, and behaviours via the use of pulsed high-frequency microwave […]

Secret Wisdom

The Return of Myth 

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 15 No 5 (Oct 2021) Myth for us – except in exceptional cases of extreme degradation and the secularisation of tradition and culture – is not the fiction of primitives, superstition, or misunderstanding. Instead, […]

Alexander Dugin & the Russian Tradition of the Starets

From New Dawn 197 (Mar-Apr 2023) In the Western media, the Russian philosopher and political analyst Alexander Dugin has been labelled variously as a modern Rasputin, a neo-fascist, a reactionary nationalist, an eminence grise of Putin’s Russia and much else. […]


Secrets of Natural Antibiotics & Antivirals

From New Dawn 184 (Jan-Feb 2021) For much of human history, the true cause of infectious diseases remained a mystery. In the absence of treatment, many patients succumbed to their illnesses. It was not until the nineteenth century that evidence […]


Building Magical Power: The Secret of Occult Thailand

From New Dawn 180 (May-June 2020) The Thais call it Samathi, the crucial element when constructing magical items or using magic to influence events and people. Pronounced sa-ma-tee, Samathi is sharply focused intention, and a major contributing factor in the […]

Primal Vision & ‘Active Seeing’

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 9 No 3 (June 2015) It is almost impossible for modern man to understand how he can be ‘blind’. We see what is in front of our noses, and we could not see more […]

Steiner & the Blood Demons

From New Dawn 191 (Mar-Apr 2022) Is the human race under spiritual attack? And did the esoteric philosopher and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner warn about it over a century ago when he said a ‘vaccine’ would be the delivery system for […]