New Dawn 120 (May-June 2010)

Bill Gates, Vaccines & the Depopulation Plot
Why does one of the world’s richest men want new vaccines to reduce population growth? F. William Engdahl exposes a secret agenda.

Avatar: American Terrorists Invade a New World
Uri Dowbenko reviews James Cameron’s incredibly popular film Avatar and traces the metaphysical origins of the genocidal impulse plaguing humanity.

Aliens, the Anunnaki & You
What to Expect When Planet X Returns. Neil Freer offers an eye-opening take on the return of alien creator gods and what this means for the human race.

2012, Planet X & UFOs
Michael Knight connects the dots between the Mayan calendar end date, a mysterious planet called Nibiru, and the recent increase in UFO sightings.

The Tao of Colours
The Dynamic Interplay of Light & Darkness. Doug Marsh shows that modern science may have it all wrong about the nature of colour and light.

The Déjà Vu Enigma: A Glitch in Mind or Matrix?
Ever had the eerie feeling of having experienced something before? Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman delve into the perplexing mystery of déjà vu.

What Is Consciousness?
Mystics, scientists and philosophers alike have cast their eyes on this elusive entity, but no one seems quite able to say what it is, writes Richard Smoley.

Healing: Western and Eastern
How Political & Commercial Interests Undermine Our Health. It’s time to re-evaluate the fundamentals of Western medicine, explains Reg Little.


Ten Questions about Flu Vaccines that Doctors Refuse to Answer
By Mike Adams

What is the Evidence Flu Vaccines Work?
By Truman Green

Toward a Solar Civilisation
By Susan Johnson

Waking From Sleep
By Steve Taylor

Why Pharmaceuticals Might be Called Weapons of Mass Prescription
By Mike Adams

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