New Dawn 143 (March-April 2014)



From Indonesia to Turkey

New Archaeological Discoveries Uncover the Mysteries of a Lost Civilisation. Graham Hancock looks at extraordinary new evidence showing human civilisation extends much further back in time than what we’ve been told.

Return of the Golden Age?

Drawing on myth and ancient wisdom, Edward Malkowski explains why the time is ripe to initiate a new Golden Age of unity, abundance and equality.

Building the New in the Shadow of the Old

It’s Time for the Localisation Movement to Get Down to Business! Richard K. Moore explores successful models for the reinvigoration of communities.


The Secret Influence of the Moon

Alien Origins & Occult Powers. Jeffery Pritchett interviews Louis Proud about Moon mysteries and various scientific & metaphysical theories.

Remembering The Outsider

The Life & Work of Colin Wilson (1931-2013). A short overview and tribute by Colin Stanley to the highly influential self-educated author & philosopher.

Doctor From Lhasa

The Mystery of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Walter Mason investigates how the son of a plumber rose to literary fame to become a world renown Tibetan Lama.

The Rebirth of Gnosticism

Richard Smoley speaks to Hollywood’s Gnostic Bishop Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller on key aspects of gnosis and the untold story of the modern Gnostic revival.

Helping Stuck Souls Crossover

Speaking from personal experience, Rev. Gary W. Duncan reveals how he assisted recently departed friends & family members transit into the light.


Discovering the Fourth Dimension of Ourselves
By Katrina Cavanough

Do You Have a Sixth Sense?
By Dr. David Hamilton

The Word of ONE: Tarot Wisdom of the Ages
By W. Crow

Deadly Medicines & Organised Crime
By Peter Gotzsche, MD

12 Lessons Along the Path to Enlightenment
By David R. Hawkins, Ph.D.

Health Briefs




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