New Dawn 150 (May-June 2015)




The Mystery of Flight MH370: Looking for Clues in All the Wrong Places

Paul V. Young investigates the biggest aviation mystery of modern times. Was the aircraft the victim of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong?

Global Trade Deals & the Struggle for World Control

What You Need to Know About the TTIP & TPP. Paul Carline exposes the immense corporate power grabs you’re not supposed to know about.

In the Trenches: The War for the Internet

There’s a high stakes war on for control of the Internet, warns Patrick Henningsen. Whoever wins, controls reality.


Poisoned Mind: Social Media in the 21st Century

David Thrussell explains how social media has devolved into a massive electronic trap designed to collect data and manipulate the masses.

Biophotonics: The Science Behind Energy Healing – Part 2

Katrin Geist continues her examination of the Biophotonics revolution, a major paradigm shift in redefining health and well-being.

Edgar Cayce: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Messenger

Mitch Horowitz introduces the ‘sleeping prophet’ Edgar Cayce, regarded as the ‘father of holistic medicine’ and the founding voice of alternative spirituality.

The Enneagram & the Demise of American Exceptionalism

Darren J. Carville applies the ‘enneagram’ to the history of the USA, showing the nation today pivots on a cusp pointing either towards renewal or failure.

Freedom Isn’t As Scary As We’re Told

Gregory Sams reveals a history of civilisation without rulers, questioning why so many human affairs need to be directed by the firm hand of the state.



Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place? The Hidden Danger of Geopathic Stress
By Sandy Brightman

The School of the Heart
By Tiamara

Real Thinking
By Dennis Lewis

Picking Ideas from the Air
By Frederick Dodson

Health Briefs




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