New Dawn Special Issue 14


the Afterlife &

Near-Death Experiences



One Soul, Many Bodies The Case for Reincarnation

By J. Allan Danelek

The Church’s Biggest Lie The Missing Link in Christianity

By Benjamin Seiler

The Facts on Near-Death Experiences An Australian Perspective

By Michael Visser

Messages From The Light Near-Death Experiences & Communication from the Other Side

By Christophor Coppes

Does Consciousness Depend on the Brain? Challenging the Assumptions of Materialism

By Chris Carter

Death, Time & the Audible Life Stream

By Alistair Conwell

Cheating the Ferryman A New Paradigm of Existence?

By Anthony Peake

Faces of Paradise The Amazing Worlds of Spirit Transcommunication

By Mark Macy

There is No Death

By Terri Daniel with Danny Mandell

Interacting with Spirit

By Lesley Crossingham

The Buddhist Approach to Death

By Olivier Lejus


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