New Dawn Special Issue 8

Special Issue 8New Light on

Man’s Mysterious Origins

Ancient Civilisations &

Lost Wisdom Explored

Are we on the verge of discovering ‘Civilisation X’, the fountainhead of the high technology behind the construction of the ancient world’s greatest monuments? Did a cataclysmic shift of the Earth’s crust over 10,000 years ago destroy Atlantis in Antarctica? Can we predict the next catastrophic geological event? Why are mainstream archaeologists ignoring new evidence that overturns their outdated theories about humanity’s ancient past? Can sacred sites and temples stimulate our brains?

You’ve heard stories about the biblical Moses, but you probably didn’t know he had a dark side. One of the forbidden books of the Bible talks about the fallen angels also known as the Watchers. Is this story of rebel angels actually about an ‘Elder Race’ who taught early humans the arts and sciences that initiated civilisation?

Welcome to Special Issue No. 8 of New Dawn magazine that is devoted to the exploration of hidden history and the search for the forgotten wisdom of the ancients.

Close to half a century ago, the popular French writer and adventurer Robert Charroux concluded, “the true history of civilisation is forbidden. Powerful conspiracies try to allow only a distorted version to be expressed.”

In this Special Issue of New Dawn, we present articles by some of the world’s leading researchers of ancient civilisations, vanished continents, archaeological wonders, and arcane mysteries. Within the pages of New Dawn Special Issue No. 8 you will encounter a diverse range of cutting-edge information challenging the ‘official version’ of history and offering revolutionary insights into the mysterious origins of man. Enjoy the journey back to the dawn of civilisation and discover astonishing secrets about human history.


Was There a Civilisation X?
The Evidence Indicates There Was

By Edward F. Malkowski

Atlantis in Antarctica?
Tracking the Myths of a Lost Island Paradise

By Rand and Rose Flem-Ath

Searching for the
Dawn and Demise of Ancient Civilisation

By Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

The Secret Technology of Templemaking
By Freddy Silva

The Vedic Literature of Ancient India and Its Many Secrets
By David Frawley

Global Cosmogenesis
A Universal Source of Ancient Esoteric Knowledge?

By Ian Lawton

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
By Chris Morton & Ceri Louise Thomas

Who Was Moses?
By Robert Temple

Human Devolution
Ascended Apes or Fallen Angels?

By Michael Cremo

Enoch and the Watchers
By Michael Howard

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