New Dawn Special Issue 7


Secrets of the

Paranormal Revealed

Behind the familiar, everyday world we take so much for granted lies a reality few of us even suspect.

For most of the last two hundred years, the Western world has placed its faith in materialism, the idea that ‘only matter, matters’. Today, this severely reductionist way of looking at reality dominates the world. Ideas and beliefs about other dimensions and powers are dismissed as unscientific and ridiculed as ignorant superstition.

For thousands of years, prior to our so-called ‘modern’ era, people all over the planet accepted the existence of spiritual powers, alternate realities and other dimensions. They sought to harmonise their societies with the hidden order of the universe. For them spiritual enlightenment was the highest purpose of life.

New Dawn Special Issue No. 7 takes the reader on a journey to where the ‘normal’ and the paranormal intersect, where the known and the unknown converge, where cutting-edge scientific discoveries meet the supernatural. Prepare to be fascinated, informed and challenged by the range of expertly-written, ground-breaking articles in Special Issue No. 7. Enjoy the journey of discovery.


Mediums and Mystics
By Colin Wilson

What Lives On?
Investigating Life After Death

By Robert Schoch, Ph.D

Is The Afterlife What We Think It Is?
A Challenge From Near-Death Studies

By P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D.

Dark Plasma and the Origin of Angels, Aliens, Deities and Ghosts
By Jay Alfred

José Arigó
Psychic Surgeon & Healer

By Brian Haughton

Aleister Crowley
Black Magic at Boleskine House?

By Brian Haughton

New (Reptilian) World Order
By Uri Dowbenko

Reptilian Revelations Out of Africa
By Uri Dowbenko

Drawing Down the Spirits
An Inside Look at Trance Possession

By Kenaz Filan & Raven Kaldera

Dealing With Energy Vampires
By John Fitzsimons

Monks & Magic
Buddhism and the Supernatural in Thailand

By Gwendolyn Toynton

Jom Ratchan Shiva’s Voice in Northern Thailand
By Daniel Reid

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