Quest for the People of the Secret

By ROBERT BURATTI — A persistent legend originating in the East tells of hidden locations on the Earth where there exists certain groups of individuals with both exceptional powers and highly perfected character and consciousness. From these secret locations, they influence the whole of humanity and are known variously as the Hierarchy of Adepts, the Great White Lodge, the Secret Chiefs, the Great White Brotherhood, the Masters, or The People of the Secret. In the biblical legend of the … [Read more...]

Christianity: The Ultimate Secret

jesus disciples

By RICHARD SMOLEY — Today there is an unprecedented thirst for the innermost secrets of Christianity. The quest for these lost teachings drives the plots of best-sellers like The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail; it is discussed in major newsmagazines; and it is the subject of intense speculation and debate among believers and nonbelievers alike. What are these secrets? What difference might they make to our lives today? Sometimes the hidden truths of Christianity are described in … [Read more...]

The Great Cholesterol Myth


By DR. MALCOLM KENDRICK — If you eat too much cholesterol, or saturated fat, your blood cholesterol will rise to dangerous levels. Excess cholesterol will then seep through your artery walls causing thickenings (plaques), which will eventually block blood flow in vital arteries, resulting in heart attacks and strokes.... Scientific hypotheses don’t get much simpler than this: the cholesterol, or diet-heart, hypothesis, has broken free from the ivory towers of academia to impact with massive … [Read more...]

Have YOU Been Here Before?


By GARY LACHMAN — Belief in reincarnation is one of the oldest and most durable of human traits, so old and persistent, in fact, that the psychologist C. G. Jung went so far as to call it an archetype. “Rebirth,” Jung wrote, “is an affirmation that must be counted among the primordial affirmations of mankind. These primordial affirmations are based on what I call archetypes.”1 This meant for Jung that regardless of its truth or falsity, the idea that we have lived previous lives and will, … [Read more...]

Electro-magnetic Energy Pollution


By DANIEL REID — Science tells us that everything is energy and that matter is nothing more than energy in a different form. Our bodies are a composite of many different energy patterns and vibrations. In fact, the universe and everything in it is made up of different levels of vibration. - Dr. John Veltheim, author & energy therapist, 1992 In traditional medicine, the human energy system (HES) serves as a functional bridge between body and mind, and energy is the therapeutic medium … [Read more...]

Magdalene’s Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers & Sacred Union

jesus mary

BY ED CONROY — God in the beginning of creation made the body of the universe to consist of fire and earth. But two things cannot be rightly put together without a third; there must be some bond of union between them. – Plato, Timaeus There is a new Madonna in the Western world, and her name is Mary Magdalene. She is, it appears, the patroness of the people whom Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong calls “believers in exile.” To her new advocates, she is herself the archetype of the “Bride in … [Read more...]

The Strange Case of The Secret Gospel: A Controversial New Look at the Secret Gospel According to Mark


By DR. ROLLAN McCLEARY— Even with recourse to the best scholarship and offering the best proofs for events of Jesus’ life and linked issues across history, it is not enough to claim to have found Jesus’ horoscope as I do in my book Signs for a Messiah. The findings are only a beginning. There is much to discover and the findings must be interpreted and placed in a meaningful framework if they are to be any use in helping us understand more about Jesus.  Modern theology, much of it … [Read more...]

Remote Viewing, Astral Travel, the Bardo & Hemi-Sync: An Interview With Skip Atwater


In the midst of the Cold War both the Soviets and the Americans employed psychics to spy on each other’s activities. These were the so-called remote viewers.  Both the CIA and the US Army conducted remote viewing intelligence programs. The US Army’s program, known by the code name Star Gate, was initiated in the late 1970’s by the gifted natural psychic, Skip Atwater. For ten years Skip was the Operations and Training Officer during which time he recruited and trained an elite group of … [Read more...]

The War on the Cathars

Ruins of the castle of Montségur. Photo courtesy of Andrew Gough,

By PHILIP COPPENS The “Cathar heresy” that struck Southern France in the 13th century, and was viciously persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, remains a pool of interest and intrigue. What really happened, and what did the Cathars actually believe?  Wars between nations or faiths are commonplace. Sometimes, the leaders of nations turn against a minority resident within their own borders. But the Albigensian Crusade is unique in history, as the Pope on March 10, 1208 proclaimed a crusade … [Read more...]

Athanasius Kircher’s Theatre of Marvels

Athanasius Kircher (1602 – 1680), pictured in his book Mundus Subterraneus, 1664

By JOSCELYN GODWIN, Ph.D.— The museum of Athanasius Kircher (1602 – 1680) in the Jesuit College of Rome was an obligatory stop for high-class tourists, from John Evelyn the diarist to Queen Christina of Sweden, but they never knew what to expect. The college porter would report their arrival via an acoustic intercom (see illustration 1), and Kircher or some young assistant would set the machines going. As the visitors entered the museum, everything was abuzz. A statue of the Goddess Isis … [Read more...]