Taoist Cosmic Healing: Energetic Medicine for Health & Spirit

By MANTAK CHIA The word “Tao” means way, or path. In Chinese thought, Tao includes both meanings. On the cosmic level, the Tao means the war of Nature, the subtle laws and forces animating the patterns of change in the universe. On the human level, Tao is the path or war of life that we must follow in order to discover the universal laws and to live in accord with them. Then we can live our lives in balance and harmony with Nature, with ourselves, and with society. Those who seek to … [Read more...]

Living Chi & Feng Shui

By GRANDMASTER GARY KHOR The ancient Chinese knew that connection with the living Chi (also spelled Ki or Qi) around them can help them find their place, meaning and purpose in a dynamic, ever changing world. In these modern times we can also stay whole despite the fractured times. We do have a saving grace, in the Chinese Taoist concept that Life is full of immense possibilities. The Taoists were devoted to the spiritual holistic world view in the essential nature of things and the Way of … [Read more...]

A Hundred Thousand Year Old Civilisation?

By COLIN WILSON (1931-2013) In 1999, I was engaged in pursuing an intriguing little problem. Charles Hapgood, best known as the author of Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, had died as the result of a car accident that happened in December 1982. Two months earlier, he had written to a librarian named Rand Flem-Ath telling him that he had made “recent exciting discoveries” that had convinced him there had once been a hundred thousand year old civilisation with “advanced levels of science.” And since … [Read more...]

Live or Let Die: Do We Want A Transhuman Future?

By NIGEL KERNER Here’s an interesting surmise for us all. Could it be that the alien phenomenon witnessed by so many reliable observers is the product of a technology developed at other locations in the universe and created by civilisations only a few small steps ahead of what we ourselves are now heading for? Could it be that the Grey entities reported in abduction scenarios are artificially intelligent probes sent to harvest information and gather resources by their creators who may … [Read more...]

The Man Who Conjured Hitler

By MEHMET SABEHEDDIN Follow Hitler. He will dance, but it is I who have written the music.… Don’t weep for me: I shall have had more influence on the course of history than any other German. – Dietrich Eckhart, on his deathbed, Christmas 1923 Dietrich Eckart (1868-1923) was a prominent figure in Germany’s bohemian and occult subculture before World War I. A well-known playwright, poet and journalist, he was involved with the shadowy Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff and the secretive Thule … [Read more...]

Sir Isaac Newton & the Land Where Time Began

By JOHN CHAMBERS (1939-2017) The sixth-century BCE Greek philosopher-mystic Pythagoras was a man of spectacular achievement. Plutarch says that he taught an eagle to come at his command and stoop down to him in flight.1 He taught the doctrine of reincarnation and was thought to remember twenty-two of his past lives. He founded an order whose adherents strove to free themselves from the cycle of earthly incarnations through vegetarianism, silence, and contemplation of the ultimate reality of the … [Read more...]

A New Dawn of Fantastic Realism: ‘Nothing that is Strange is Foreign to us!’

By NEW DAWN MAGAZINE “The paths of Fantastic Realism... do not resemble the ordinary paths of knowledge.” – Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians As Richard Smoley rightly pointed out, “a noted predecessor” of New Dawn magazine “was the French review Planète (‘Planet’), published by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier as a follow-up to the sensational success of their book Morning of the Magicians.” Inspired directly by Pauwels’ and Bergier’s book and Planète … [Read more...]

The Secret Influence of the Moon: Alien Origins & Occult Powers – An Interview with Louis Proud

By JEFFERY PRITCHETT Despite its proximity and influence on planet Earth, our understanding of the Moon – and the mechanism by which it formed – remains incomplete. The Moon is holding out on a number of mysteries that science hasn’t solved. In the past few years there has been a resurgence of interest in the Moon, perhaps due to the fact that we barely understand our cosmic neighbour. It is fortuitous and timely that long time New Dawn contributor Louis Proud recently completed his book The … [Read more...]

“Nothing is Impossible”: Rediscovering The Kybalion

By MITCH HOROWITZ And with the wish the energy was born… – Corpus Hermeticum, book I I once regarded The Kybalion as little more than a novelty of early twentieth-century occultism. I considered the book a faux-antique work of mind-power philosophy, dressed up in pseudo-Hermetic language and offering a handful of serviceable but not greatly significant ideas of practical spirituality. I was wrong. This enduring work, which appeared on the American occult scene in 1908 under the … [Read more...]

Aleister Crowley & The Book of the Law: A Magical Encounter in Egypt

By ROBERT BLACK Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) is remembered as a libertine, philosopher, mountaineer, magician, and supposedly the “wickedness man in the world.” He wrote bad poetry, pornographic books, novels and a vast array of literature. He is best known as being an infamous occultist and the scribe of The Book of the Law, which introduced ‘Thelema’ to the world. Crowley was an influential member of several occult organisations, including the Golden Dawn, the A.’.A.’., and Ordo Templi … [Read more...]