Gnostic Mysteries of Sex: An Interview with Tobias Churton

By RICHARD SMOLEY Tobias Churton is one of today’s most visible and prolific writers on the Western esoteric tradition. He first came to the attention of the public in the UK in 1987, with the release of a four-part television series called “Gnostics.” Since then he has written nineteen books, including Gnostic Philosophy, The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians, and biographies of William Blake, the seventeenth-century British esotericist Elias Ashmole, and Aleister Crowley. He holds a … [Read more...]

Kindling the Divine Spark: The Secret to Awakening

By TIM BOUCHER Blessed is he who has a soul, blessed is he who has none, but woe and grief to him who has it in embryo.1 – G.I. Gurdjieff The United States Declaration of Independence proudly proclaims the mystical truth that “all men are created equal.” What happens after that, though, is anybody’s guess. Once we’ve been created equally, does that mean all our lives are the same? Do the essential differences between us come from genetics, environment, free will, the soul? Do we all end up … [Read more...]

Eros & Gnosis: A Gnostic Study of Human Sexuality

By Dr. STEPHAN A. HOELLER — Human beings are not only the funniest monkeys: they are the sexiest ones as well. In many ways we are a species singularly devoted to sex. We talk, write, read, joke and argue about it; we dress and undress for it, and, given favourable circumstances, we perform it regularly. More importantly, and sometimes lamentably, we have innumerable laws and commandments to organise, punish, curb, repress and otherwise influence sexual actions and feelings and have devised … [Read more...]

Avatar – American Terrorists Invade a New World

By URI DOWBENKO — It’s 2154, and American Terrorism has been totally privatised. In fact, it has become the undisputed enforcement arm of the criminal plutocracy on Planet Earth. In other words, the future is just like today – except the terrorists have gone off-planet and expanded their field of prey. In Avatar, the plutocracy of Planet Earth needs more resources, so American ex-military mercenaries are sent to rape-and-pillage a planet called Pandora for its so-called “unobtainium.” By … [Read more...]

The Eden Experiment: Aliens, Archons & the Associative Universe

By REV. ILLUMINATUS MAXIMUS — In the timeless library of human myths and legends, perhaps none are more primal and disturbing than the biblical story of the Fall. Responsible for everything from the demonisation of women to the Church’s pious horror for nature, sex and the body, there is scarcely a life-hating ideology or barbaric practice it hasn’t been used to justify. For all that, this strange and unsettling story has lost none of its melancholy power over the centuries, remaining as … [Read more...]

Robots, Goblins and Alien Amoeba, Answering Fermi’s Paradox

By REV. MAX — I believe there are many gods, not one, and always in conflict. Well, if there are gods who created and control what’s going on here, you can tell a lot about them by what is going on. I assume they are colonists. And so anything you can see here you can infer is the act or the will of one of those gods. All you have to do is look around. You’ll see what they’re like. It’s like looking in someone’s yard. – W.S. Burroughs Dateline: 1950 A.D. The physicist Enrico Fermi is … [Read more...]

William S. Burroughs: 20th Century Gnostic Visionary

By ROBERT GUFFEY — In 1984, in Boulder, Colorado, an interviewer asked William S. Burroughs (1914-1997), “What religious persuasion would you consider yourself?” Without hesitating, Burroughs replied, “Gnostic, or a Manichean.”1Upon reading those words, suddenly everything made sense. Perhaps it’s appropriate that the above conversation occurred in 1984. In many ways, Burroughs was a far more lucid and accurate analyst of twentieth century politics than even George Orwell, whose speculative … [Read more...]

The Incredibly Strange Story of Intelligent Design

By REV. MAX — Children in Ohio may be taught life was created by aliens under an education package designed to ditch Darwin’s Theory of evolution. The US state is considering adopting the “intelligent design” theory that life is too complex to have simply evolved – as the Darwin Theory suggests. Therefore says the package, life must have been designed by some supernatural being, maybe God, maybe aliens. – Herald Sun, Columbus, Ohio, March 2002 Intelligent Design (ID) theory is a highly … [Read more...]

Mary Magdalene, Apostle of the Apostles

By SHARRON ROSE — With the publication of Holy Blood, Holy Grail in the mid-nineties and the Gnostic Gospels found in Nag Hammadi, a new perspective on the role of Mary Magdalene in the revelation and dissemination of the esoteric teachings of Christ has emerged onto the public stage. With the release of The Da Vinci Code, she has been placed firmly in the public consciousness, her story awakening both excitement and controversy. It is my contention that Mary Magdalene was the carrier of a … [Read more...]

New Dawn Interview With Tobias Churton

By RICHARD SMOLEY — Tobias Churton is one of today’s most lively and spirited investigators of that underground stream of the Western tradition known as Gnosticism. He first became interested in the Gnostics while reading for a degree in theology at the University of Oxford in the 1970s. Soon after leaving, he became interested in exploring these ideas for television. “I’d got it into my head that there had never been any religious television – only programmes about religion,” he later … [Read more...]