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The Bible: Myth or History?

By RICHARD SMOLEY — Every civilisation needs a myth; but woe to the civilisation whose myth has been found wanting. That is the position of Christianity today. It came to ascendance at a time when the myths of Greece and Rome had lost their credibility. The pagans themselves laughed at the stories of their gods; Plato sought to censor them. Christianity triumphed because it offered its sacred scriptures not as myth but as fact. Mystical adepts had always known that the stories in the Bible … [Read more...]

New Dawn 91 (July-August 2005)

China's Challenge to the American Empire Under the Bush administration, the United States has come to be viewed as an American Empire imposing its policies on the rest of humanity. Now an upcoming nation seeks its rightful place on the world stage. Stephen Kaposi examines China's rise to global prominence and Washington's reaction. The Mystery of the Maya - Part One The Maya civilisation, that appeared in Mexico around CE 250, is known for building majestic pyramids but also for its bloody … [Read more...]

Beyond Left & Right: Escaping the Matrix

By RICHARD K. MOORE — The defining dramatic moment in the film The Matrix occurs just after Morpheus invites Neo to choose between a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill promises “the truth, nothing more.” Neo takes the red pill and awakes to reality – something utterly different from anything Neo, or the audience, could have expected. What Neo had assumed to be reality turned out to be only a collective illusion, fabricated by the Matrix and fed to a population that is asleep, cocooned in … [Read more...]