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New Dawn 109 (July-August 2008)

Global Famine: Is it a Conspiracy?
Trying to come to grips with the world food crisis, Eric Walberg says it’s hard not to subscribe to some version of a conspiracy theory.

Life, Death & Gnosis: The Gnostics on the Afterlife
Richard Smoley examines the Gnostic view of what happens after we die.

Death, Transition & the Spirit Realms
Past life therapist Roger Woolger discusses the sometimes hazardous journey of the soul from one lifetime to the next and how best to deal with the traumas of the death experience.

The Lost Christian Doctrine of Reincarnation
Marvin Vining decodes the Dead Sea Scrolls to reveal Christianity’s hidden Essene origins and early belief in reincarnation – a doctrine long suppressed by the established Church.

The Strange Life of Otto Rahn
Philip Coppens explores the influential but little known achievements of Otto Rahn – author, poet, seeker of the Holy Grail and Nazi SS officer.

Red Star Over Shambhala
Dr. Richard Spence looks at Soviet, British and American intelligence and the search for lost civilisation in Central Asia.

Agarttha: Taking the Lid Off the Underground Kingdom
Joscelyn Godwin goes in search of the subterranean world of Agarttha first popularised by French occultist Saint-Yves d’Alveydre.

Shambhala: The Spiritual Axis of the World
According to Victoria LePage, Shambhala not only exists but it is one of the most important ideas of our time, with revolutionary implications for both the sciences and world religions.

An Introduction to Western Sexual Mysticism
Arthur Versluis on some of the sects and individuals who transmitted the radical sexual practices that orthodox Christianity never completely silenced.