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New Dawn 124 (January-February 2011)

The Secret Science of Mind
How Positive Thinking Became a Force in the Modern World. If the Universe is “Mental” in essence, then correctly directing our thoughts could solve most problems. Richard Smoley tracks the rise of the thought power movement.

Thoughts Have Wings
Dr. Robert Schoch on how the basic phenomena of telepathy has been demonstrated over and over again, and even put to practical use.

The Mysterious Kybalion
People who have spent time grazing in metaphysical bookshops may have come across a mysterious volume called The Kybalion, written by “Three Initiates” and first issued by the Yogi Publication Society of Chicago in 1908.

Thoughts are Magic – Part 1
Change Your Mind, Change Your World. All our thoughts have the power to realise themselves, and affect the world for good or bad. Ursula Seiler shows the critical importance of maintaining a positive and peaceful frame of mind.

Why Your Brain is a Quantum Computer
Your brain is not just a bioelectric and biochemical computer, but also a quantum computer capable of accessing the Akashic information field and linking to the rest of the world, writes author and philosopher Ervin Laszlo.

From Baltimore to the Planet Mars
Did Hélène Smith and Alan Lee channel not only distinguished past lives but also aliens from Mars and Uranus? John Chambers investigates the incredible stories of two gifted and controversial trance-mediums.

Easter Island & the Afterlife
One of mankind’s greatest wonders is Easter Island’s giant statues. Shedding new light on this enigma, Dr. Robert Schoch looks at what the islander’s believe about death and the spirit realm.

The Return of the Elders – Part 1
In the first part of her article, Victoria LePage reveals intriguing reports of visits by tall otherworldly beings who are identified with the ancient world’s mysterious culture-bearers and civilising Elders.