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New Dawn 116 (September-October 2009)

Symbols Lost & Found
Simon Cox, best selling author of Cracking The Da Vinci Code, takes a look at the phenomenon of Dan Brown’s new book and the lost art of symbolism.

Symbols & Psyche
Life long student of esotericism James Wasserman introduces the universe of sacred symbolism, gateways to realms of knowledge, power & understanding.

The Holographic Soul
Reincarnation, the ‘Interlife’, and Universal Consciousness. Author Ian Lawton explores the question of whether we have individual soul consciousness.

Bring Back the Sun!
Discover the Self-Organising Consciousness that Underlies Everything. Gregory Sams on why our Sun is a living and intelligent entity.

Carl G. Jung, Speaker for the Dead
John Chambers on the amazing paranormal experiences that shaped the life of one of the West’s greatest thinkers.

Demons Among Us
Do People Possess Demons, or Do Demons Possess People? Richard Smoley enters the twilight world of dark entities that haunt the human mind.

Reimagining Australia (and the Rest of the World)
Former Australian diplomat Reg Little examines the rise of China and how the world will be completely reshaped in coming decades.

The Mysteries of Trebitsch-Lincoln
Con-man, Spy, ‘Counter-Initiate’. Dr. Richard Spence on the amazing life of one of the 20th century’s most enigmatic figures, I.T.T. Lincoln aka Chao Kung.