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New Dawn 117 (November-December 2009)

Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Awakening?
Sifting through all the scientific research and speculation that the year 2012 has inspired, Geoff Stray provides an overview of the prophecies, calendars, and theories that indicate 2012 is a threshold of great change for humanity.

Ancient Egypt and the Soul of the West
The sacred consciousness that prevailed in antiquity is the key to unlocking our future, writes philosopher Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D. He urges us to rediscover the wisdom of the ancients, in particular the spirituality of Pharaonic Egypt.

Underworld of the Pharaohs
Beneath the pyramids of Egypt lies a lost and mysterious underworld of catacombs and cave tunnels. Andrew Collins investigates this subterranean realm for the first time, and asks could we be close to unveiling the fabled ‘Hall of Records’?

Secrets of the Great Pyramid
Sacred Geometry, Maths & the Ancient World
Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza is arguably the most studied ancient structure, yet it still holds its mysteries today. Trevor Ward offers his amazing mathematical analysis of the Great Pyramid to reveal a secret harmonic language.

How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Moon Landings
Conspiracy theories surround NASA’s Apollo moon landings. Were they an elaborate hoax? Jay Weidner offers hard-hitting evidence and the reasons why the US government hired Stanley Kubrick to direct and film a series of fake moon landings.

Are We Living Inside a Brain?
Neural Architecture of the Akashic Records. Jay Alfred presents his breakthrough theory on the Earth’s brain, memory, dark matter, and paranormal phenomena.

New Deal of the Ages
The “Practical Mystic” Who Became Franklin Roosevelt’s Vice President. Mitch Horowitz looks at the controversial and colourful life of Henry A. Wallace, the man credited with putting the All Seeing Eye on the US dollar bill.