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New Dawn 151 (July-August 2015)

Weapons of Mass Distraction
The Media, Advertising & Social Programming. Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman examine the new avenues & tactics used by the media to manipulate us.

Flight MH17: What Really Happened & Why
Patrick Henningsen uncovers the shocking and disturbing truth about the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on 17 July 2014.

Is the World Headed Toward Another Ice Age?
Scientific evidence points to the very real potential for a new ice age, writes Frank Joseph, and global warming could be the spark to set it off.

The Rise of the Machines
Will Artificial Intelligence be the End of Humans? Daniel Taylor looks at the fast emerging world of ‘conscious’ machines and the dire implications for humanity.

Free to See: Reclaim Control of Your Eyesight Care
Doug Marsh raises important questions about the eye care industry.

The Mysterious Elongated Skulls of Peru & Bolivia
Brien Foerster investigates the strange practice of artificial cranial deformation.

The Enigma of the Near Death Experience (Part 1)
A Survivor’s Reflections of the Afterlife. Timothy Wyllie recounts his own NDE and explains the full psychological impact of such an incredible process.

The Lord of the World
Richard Smoley goes in search of what’s really behind the legend of the mysterious subterranean Kingdom of Agarttha.

Saint-Yves d’Alveydre & the Synarchy of Agarttha
Mehmet Sabeheddin explores the hidden history of an extraordinary politico-occult system embraced by shadowy European secret societies.