New Dawn 194


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Articles Inside New Dawn 194 (Sept-Oct 2022)

80 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • Guidestones to Hell: Behind the Rise & Fall of the Mysterious Monument by Frank Joseph
  • Epsilon Agenda: The Final Revolution by Ethan Nash
  • Lest We Forget… They Want You to Forget Lockdowns, Vaccine Coercion & Covid Hysteria! by Patrick Henningsen
  • “Safe and Effective” by George Christensen
  • Sol Invictus: Could “The Unconquered Sun” Cripple Technocracy’s Great Reset & Send Us Back To the Stone Age? by Marie D. Jones
  • Sol Gone Rogue: Modern-Day Solar Storms (And the Near-Miss in 2012) by Marie D. Jones
  • Canberra’s Geomantic Powers: Australia’s Cosmic Capital by Steven Guth
  • Why There is No Authentic Scriptural Basis for Hell and Where the Hell Did the Idea Come From? by Brendan Murphy
  • Micronesia’s Forgotten Goddesses: Megaliths, Petroglyphs & the Legacy of Mu by Carole Nervig
  • What Happened When A Neuroscientist Discovered the Magical Universe by Mona Sobhani

  • Does A Placebo Work If You Know It’s A Placebo? by David Hamilton

  • Three Types of People by Frederick Dodson

  • Our Challenge Is To Transcend Our Evolutionary Ape Heritage by Caitlin Johnstone


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