New Dawn Special Issue Vol.12 No.1


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.12 No.1

  • The Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World by Shoshi Herscu
  • The Post West World: How China & Russia Are Shaping Tomorrow by James O’Neill
  • Ignorance is Strength: Standing at a Critical Juncture in American History by Michael Le Flem
  • Roger Stone’s Struggle For America by Jacob Engels
  • College Kids as Guinea Pigs in the CIA’s Mind-Control Experiments: An Interview with Paul Jeffrey Davids
  • In Celebration of Liberty: The Key to Politics and Spirituality by James Wasserman
  • Meeting ‘Dangerous’ Milo: A Special Report by James Wasserman
  • The Cult of Milo Inc. by David Thrussell
  • Alexander Dugin: Russia’s Political Master Magician, ‘The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World’ by Mehmet Sabeheddin
  • Positively Presidential Chaos? by Gary Lachman
  • Alexander Dugin: International Man of Mystery by John B. Morgan
  • Of Cannibals, Inquisitors, Mainstream: Militants & Escape Artists by Guido Mina di Sospiro