New Dawn Special Issue Vol.7 No.5


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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.7 No.5

The Fairytale of Materialism: How ‘Fundamentalists’ Hijacked Science
By Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

Science vs. Pseudoscience
By Prof. Dave Pruett

Quantum Epigenetics & the Human Hologram Model
By Dr. Robin Kelly

Dr. Dean Radin Urges Science to Examine the Supernormal

Dark Pool Of Light: An Interview With Richard Grossinger

Gateway to Immortality: NDEs, DMT, the Pineal & Human Consciousness
By Anthony Peake

Open Systems & Cyclical Anomalies: Searching for Clues Inside the Matrix’s Hall of Mirrors
By Bruce Duensing

Does Iran Have Free Energy Technology: That Could Render the Military Industrial Complex Obsolete?
By Jason Jeffrey

Energy – How Far Have We Really Progressed?
By Michael J. Bull

Plant/Human Symbiosis & the Fall of Humanity: An Interview With Tony Wright
By Trevor Smith

Time-Space & the Etheric Template Body: Formative Causation & Morphic Fields Rebooted
By Brendan D. Murphy

Intelligent Design: Scientific Facts Point Us in a New Direction
By Daniel Neiman

Knowing the Field: Making Contact With Ultimate Reality
By Neil Kramer

Quantum Thinking
By Dorn Swerdlin

The Nature of Reality: A Quantum Scientific View on How Individual & Consensus Agreement Creates the World We Live In
By James du Plessis