New Dawn Special Issue Vol.13 No.3



Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 13 No.3

72 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Trending to a Multipolar World: Opportunities & Challenges by James O’Neill
  • Julian Assange: In the Empire’s Crosshairs by Patrick Henningsen
  • An Interview with Cassandra Fairbanks by Charlie Nash
  • Why Australians Should Fight To Bring Julian Home by Caitlin Johnstone
  • Whistleblowers of History
  • Repeating Our Mistakes: Are New Zealand & Australia Destined to Repeat US Mistakes with Surveillance? by Abdi Mohamed
  • Architects of Power: How the Global Elite Profit from Extreme Inequality & Pre-empt the Backlash by T.J. Coles
  • Shadow War in Syria: How the CIA Trained an Army of Jihadists & Fuelled the Rise of ISIL by Jason Jeffrey
  • The Ex-Nazis Who Helped the CIA & Mossad by Paul Berringer
  • The Unholy Alliance Between the Nazis & the CIA by Mehmet Sabeheddin
  • Behold A Pale Horse: The Rise & Fall of America’s Greatest Conspiracy Writer by Steve Erdmann
  • Black Magic & the Ruling Elite: Did Moshe Kroy Expose a Paramount Conspiracy? by Jason Jeffrey
  • The Ties That Bind, Spies & the Occult: The Connections Between Aleister Crowley, a Rocket Scientist, a Priest, & a British Spymaster – An Interview with Prof Richard Spence
  • Plus More