New Dawn Special Issue Vol.16 No.5



Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 16 No.5

80 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • The Harmonic Grid: Bruce Cathie’s Valiant Quest to Correlate Every UFO Sighting by Thobey Campion
  • Dark to Light: Lessons of the Cathars for the Modern World by Marie D. Jones
  • Cathar Treasure & The Grail Quest by Marie D. Jones
  • The Cathars: A Modern Day Rebirth? by Mehmet Sabeheddin
  • Ancient Dreams of Technology: From Human Flight Over the Nazca Lines to Viking Navigation by Frank Joseph
  • Voyager of the Dreamtime: Did an Alien AI Superintelligence Visit Our Distant Ancestors? by Bruce Fenton
  • The Eternal Temple Within: The Hidden Technology Behind the Story of Human Spiritual Evolution by Darren Carville
  • Russia Through the Looking Glass by Christopher McIntosh
  • The Beatles, Aleister Crowley, & the Mystery of ‘Paul Is Dead’ by Andrew Arnett
  • Joséphin Péladan: How to Become a Mage by John Michael Greer
  • UFO Disclosure: A Copernican Revolution – An interview with Ufologist Michel Zirger by Chris Branzan
  • Uncovering the “Galactic Federation” by Mehmet Sabeheddin