New Dawn Special Issue Vol.18 No.2



Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 18 No.2

72 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Would They Lie If Asteroid Apophis Was Really Going to Slam into Earth? by Frank Joseph
  • Giza – The Tesla Connection: An Interview with Christopher Dunn
  • Cult Warning: David Icke’s Message to the World by David Icke
  • Alexander Dugin, ‘Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World’, on Aleister Crowley, ‘Wickedness Man in the World’
  • Awakening The God Within: Secret Teachings of Richard, Duc de Palatine & The Brotherhood & Order of the Pleroma by John Michael Greer
  • “What the bee knows…”: Shapeshifting Priestesses, Plants & Bees by Elizabeth Ashley
  • The Mysterious Hybrid Creatures Depicted on the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser: A Genetic Experiment of the Gods? by Bibhu Dev Misra
  • Ancient Extreme Biohacking: Is Deforming Your Skull & Drilling a Hole in it the Key to Higher Consciousness? by Lee Paqui
  • Probing the Paranormal” Do Women Do It Better? by Denise A. Agnew, Marie D. Jones & Nicole Strickland
  • Misunderstood Heroine: The Case For Helen Duncan by Jock Brocas