New Dawn 200


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Articles Inside New Dawn 200 (September-October 2023)

72 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • Australia’s Ministry of Truth: A Palace of Lies in the Dystopia Down Under by John Stapleton
  • The New Global Censorship Industry is Here: A “Whole of Society Approach” for Social Engineering by Patrick Henningsen
  • Graham Hancock, Ancient Apocalypse & The Vast, Incredible Sausage Machine of Groupthink by David Thrussell
  • Attacks on RFK Jr. as “Conspiracy Theorist” – The Hallmarks of a CIA Disinformation Operation by Jeremy Kuzmarov
  • Medical Nemesis: Revisiting Ivan Illich’s Critique of Mainstream Medicine by Brendan Murphy
  • Quantum Spirituality: Gnosticism & the Third Way by Peter Canova
  • Gods of the Bible: A New Interpretation of the Bible Reveals the Oldest Secret in History by Mauro Biglino
  • Heaven Is a Place on Earth: The Untold Story of the Man Behind “The Science of Getting Rich” by Mitch Horowitz

The Illusion of Separation – by App

Aspartame: A Decades-Old Medical Science Scandal

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vs Big Pharma

You Don’t Have To Choose Between Happiness & Being Informed


World Watch

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