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Increasing Your Life Expectancy: Modern Medicine’s Impact on the Extension of Life

By Dr. PETER DINGLE — All too often, we hear that the reason life expectancy has been increased is thanks to the marvellous developments in modern medicine. This is a message that is repeated many times and promoted by the medical industry – with little or no evidence. In fact, the opposite may be the truth. A combination of not understanding the concept of life expectancy, ignoring scientific facts, plus a willingness to take credit when it is not due has seen the medical industry promote … [Read more...]

New Dawn Special Issue 15

Future Science Quantum Leaps & the Living Matrix . INSIDE: Consciousness, Resonance & the Paranormal Synchronised Swimming in the Quantum Sea By Marie D. Jones The ‘God Force’ A Journey into the Fourth Dimension By Mike Bara . The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe An Interview With Lynne McTaggart Quantum Consciousness Our Evolution, Our Salvation By Dr. Ervin Laszlo The Spooky World of Quantum Biology By Michael Garfield Morphic Resonance & Morphic … [Read more...]