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New Dawn 100 (January-February 2007)

George W. Bush is Not a Christian
George W. Bush has made much of his ‘personal relationship with Jesus Christ’, even claiming God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. But who’s really directing the US president and guiding US foreign policy? Robert Guffey introduces us to the very un-Christian ideas at the heart of the Bush administration.

The End of Time or the Time of the End?
The Armageddon agenda exposed. Millions of fundamentalist Christians, expecting Jesus to return at any moment, eagerly await the Rapture and the Middle East holocaust called Armageddon. Where do such ideas originate and what agenda do they serve? Dr. C. Hugh Roberts, an American author and teacher, exposes the purveyors of end time theology.

Robots, Goblins, and Alien Amoeba: Answering Fermi’s Paradox
Back in 1950 the physicist Enrico Fermi questioned why, if a multitude of advanced extraterrestrial civilisations exist, scientific evidence has not been found. Rev. Max responds to Fermi’s Paradox, tackling the questions, ‘Where are the ETs?’ and ‘Are we alone?’

Kindling the Divine Spark: The Secret to Awakening
Does man possess a soul, or do we need to ‘work’ at creating one as the enigmatic spiritual teacher G.I. Gurdjieff taught? Tim Boucher uncovers an underground stream of secret Christianity.

The Cygnus Mystery: Did Cosmic Rays Affect Human Evolution?
Best selling author Andrew Collins shows that the Earth, at key times in its history, has been bombarded with high levels of cosmic rays from the neutron star known as Cygnus X-3.

Prophecy: Does it Work?
Down through the ages men have sought to predict coming events. Richard Smoley, a leading authority on the world’s wisdom traditions, looks at what’s behind attempts to know the future.

The Dogon Mystery Tradition
Laird Scranton examines the striking similarities between the symbol system of the Dogon tribe of Mali, Africa, and the ancient Egyptians. He also points out the remarkable parallels between Dogon mythical narratives and scientific concepts from atomic theory to quantum physics.

René Guénon & the Kali Yuga: Countdown to 2012
René Guénon, the brilliant French esotericist, is known for his devastating critique of the modern world and recovery of the perennial philosophy at the heart of the great world religions. Author John Major Jenkins offers a summary of Guénon’s work, showing the end of the Kali Yuga is fast approaching.

The I Ching: The Most Modern Ancient Wisdom Classic
The I Ching is highly regarded as an ancient text of divination. Former Australian diplomat Reg Little reveals how the I Ching is also a source of profound personal, social and political wisdom.